7 Women Share Their Secrets To Staying Cool In Stressful Moments

Each of us have our own ways of dealing with stress, with varying levels of effectiveness. My preferred M.O. is a little trick called “legs up the wall.” I lie flat on the floor with my sit bones up against the wall and bring my legs up, forming a 90-degree angle with my body. The pose does wonders for alleviating anxiety and tension. But for whatever reason, I get really strange looks if I do this anywhere that isn't my own home or a yoga studio. Weird, right?

The point is, stressful situations (by their very nature!) rarely arise at a time that's convenient for us. They come without a moment's notice and can totally derail us, especially when there's a lot on our plate. You know the feeling: one project goes awry, sending the mind into panic mode, and making all other tasks seem impossible. How do successful women with demanding careers and packed schedules work past it?

We figured we all have something to learn, so we turned to some of the best. In partnership with Secret Clinical Strength®, we asked some admirable, hard-working ladies about what they do to stay calm during their most trying moments. Make yourself a cup of chamomile tea and read on for inspiration.

Mary Attea, Chef de Cuisine at Annisa

"In stressful moments I try to draw out the positive energy from the situation. I take a deep breath and remind myself that I am incredibly fortunate to be doing what I love. And if that doesn't work, I sing."

Deepica Mutyala, YouTube Personality and Beauty Expert

"It's so crazy how un-stressed I feel during live television broadcasts. My secret is pretending like no one else is watching and that I'm just talking to a friend (a friend that may happen to be Savannah Guthrie or Hoda Kotb) — that's my best stress reliever. When you think of it that way mentally, you're the most true version of yourself and forget that millions of people are watching."

Timsie Malaney, Physician at Stony Brook Medical Center

"The most important thing for me is to maintain a clear mind and to always remain calm and composed. I try to place myself outside the situation. It forces me to have another perspective so that I can effectively deal with whatever may come my way."

Caitlyn Redmond-Culotta, Special Education Teacher and Founder & Director of Ashford Ballet Company

"When truly faced with a stressful situation, I try to think about it as objectively as possible. I try to break the problem down into manageable steps, and start tackling the first one. No time to be stressed when you are acting on it! I also like to remind myself why I'm there: I can change these kids' lives. And then later, I drink a margarita."

Robin Arzon, Head Coach at Peloton Cycle and Co-Founder of UNDO ORDINARY

"Meditation is my center. Sweat is my sanity. And sometimes you just need to put on some heavy hip hop and handle it."

Caitlyn Elf, Dietetic Intern and Founder of Cait's Plate

"When I'm stressed the one thing that always seems to help calm me down and clear my head is taking a walk outside. No matter what the weather is, I find the fresh air and the natural beauty automatically helps me reset."

Nondini Naqui, President & CEO of Society of Grownups

"To keep calm in stressful moments, I find it helpful to pause and remember to breathe. Additionally, this pause helps me to respond thoughtfully instead of just reacting: I may not be able to control the emotions of others, but I am able to stay composed."

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