Is Kacye Haynes The Next American Idol?

Sometimes the American Idol judges send through contestants who could never make it in the mainstream, but sometimes they send through contestants, like Kacye Haynes, who are destined for stardom. The 23-year-old possesses a pure, solid talent that has rarely been seen yet in Season 15. And while it was a no-brainer to me that Haynes was made for Hollywood, it wasn't as easy a decision for the judges. After much deliberation, Haynes was sent through to Hollywood, but the judges didn't all agree.

Haynes has eons more talent than many of the men who have advanced to Hollywood so far this season, so it was baffling that there was any doubt in the judges' minds. After opening up about his victory over drug addiction, Haynes left it all on the stage with an emotional and powerful performance. His vocals were solid, his talent was pure, and his emotion was palpable. He crushed it — but one judge just wasn't convinced. Keith Urban signed Haynes off immediately, saying his talent was more fit for a band than for a stand-alone performer. With all due respect, Mr. Urban, I completely disagree and, thankfully, the other judges did, too. Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick, Jr. agreed that Haynes was made for the spotlight and sent him through to Hollywood.

It's frustrating to see sub-par artists advance with a unanimous "yes," while talented artists, like Haynes, struggle to make it through. I'm confident that Haynes will rock it in the Hollywood Rounds, though, and prove to Urban that he is fit to be a solo performer. Haynes is destined to be a star, and Hollywood is just the first step on his journey. Will he be the next American Idol? Only time will tell, but he certainly has a shot.

Image: Michael Becker/FOX