Is Nicole Alive On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Ezra's Girlfriend Could Return To Change Everything

A lot can change in five years, and the world of Pretty Little Liars sure has — especially in the romance department. Gone are the days of Spoby, Haleb, and Ezria: these relationships are officially no more, and instead have been split apart to create completely different pairings. Toby is with a new mystery woman, Hanna is now engaged to a dude named Jordan, and Aria is dating her cute co-worker. But perhaps the most surprising relationship to come out of these broken pieces is Ezra and Nicole on Pretty Little Liars. Though Ezra found happiness with Emily's humanitarian friend from Season 6A, tragedy struck when Nicole was kidnapped by "half-baked revolutionaries" in South America. No one knows what exactly happened to her, but since Ezra found out that several other humanitarians were killed by her kidnappers, things seem very bleak. Still, you have to wonder if Nicole is really dead on Pretty Little Liars or if she could still be found alive, and right now, I'm leaning towards the latter.

In terms of how Nicole's death would effect Ezra, it would be catastrophic. If Ezra has already developed a drinking problem from living with the knowledge that Nicole is missing, it's fair to say that he would completely lose it if he found out that she has been killed. Of course, there are some unique problems that come up if Nicole is missing, rather than dead. It's clear that Ezra and Aria haven't exactly buried their feelings for one another — though it is presenting as friendship right now, history reminds us that these two can't stay friends for very long. In fact, Aria has kept their romantic past a secret from her new boyfriend — could it be because she knows that he has something to worry about with Ezra?

Aria breaking things off with her current boyfriend to get back together with Ezra wouldn't exactly be the most dramatic thing in the world — but if Ezra got together with Aria when Nicole is still missing, that would open up a whole new can of worms. If Ezria sparks up again and Nicole is found alive and well, it would seriously complicate the love story. In fact, it's this interesting dynamic that makes me think that Nicole is almost guaranteed to be found alive — who could pass up that dramatic of a storyline?

Ezra might get exactly what he's hoping for this season if Nicole is found alive, but as with everything on Pretty Little Liars, nothing is as easy as it seems. For more Season 6B theories, check out Bustle's PLL podcast, Taking This One To The Grave.

Images: Freeform; fitz-n-love/Tumblr