Who Is Nicole On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Ezra's Girlfriend Suffered A Tragedy

Five years later and Ezria seems long dead on Pretty Little Liars. Unfortunately for Ezra Fitz, he’s still not doing well in the romantic department. Do you remember Nicole Gordon, who we met on Pretty Little Liars Season 6A? Last we heard, she and Ezra were chatting each other up at Aria’s art gallery party, and he was joining her Habitat For Humanity group. But what happened to Nicole during the time jump?

Let’s back it up just a little bit first — Nicole was Emily’s old friend from Habitat. She came into The Brew last season looking for Emily, because she wanted Em to accompany her to Thailand. Unfortunately for Nicole, Emily bailed on that because of that whole Sara Harvey thing (which was a mistake, because Sara turned out to be both Red Coat and Black Widow). Nicole and Ezra met, though, and totally hit it off. Now five years later, we’ve found out that Ezra and Nicole headed off to South America together to help build houses for Habitat for Humanity. If you ask me, this was perfect for Ezra — he really needed a fresh start, especially with Aria and all of her A drama happening. All was well until a tragic turn of events ripped Ezra and Nicole apart.

According to a conversation between Ezra and Aria, they were building houses when revolutionaries attacked the workers, kidnapping or killing at least 15 people. As Byron Montgomery said, “building houses wasn’t supposed to be controversial.” Ezra went from losing Aria for very normal reasons of growing apart to losing his next love in a totally horrific way. I don’t think that any of this bodes well for him this season. Byron said that Ezra was “sick,” and I think that has to do more with his headspace than any actual physical ailment. For more on what's ahead in Season 6B, check out Bustle's PLL podcast, Taking This One To The Grave.

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