Expect An On-air Mass Wedding Tonight

You know it's someone's dream. During Sunday night's Grammy awards, 34 couples are slated to get married on air, reported the New York Times earlier that day. The nuptials will occur during Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's performance of their hit marriage-equality anthem, "Same Love." Queen Latifah will, of course, be officiating.

The couples come from all corners and walks of life: "gay, straight, old, young, of many races and many colors," says the New York Times. The idea of an on-air mass wedding during the Grammys was pitched to Macklemore last fall, and soon producers were recruiting couples who wanted to participate. All the couples were initially told only that there would be a television wedding – the awards-show spin wasn't revealed to them until a few weeks ago. Each couple signed a confidentiality agreement saying that they would not even tell their families.

Well, except for one: Lewis's sister is among those set to be wed during the show. “A night that is already tremendous for me, for the music,” her brother told the Times, “but to have my sister get married and my family there watching it — that makes it a whole other level of amazing.” This actually won't be the only primetime wedding on Sunday: The Bachelor is also hosting the show's first live wedding on another network, although few people likely anticipated two wedding firsts going head to head.

Macklemore and Lewis are nominated for a total of seven awards, including song of the year for "Same Love." During Saturday's performance, which will feature Madonna for some reason, the couples will walk down the auditorium's aisles to stand in the space in front of the stage. (“I don’t want them to feel as though they’re on parade," said a producer.) And although we all remember at least one interminably long wedding we've attended, this one promises to be short. It is the Grammys, after all.

Producers didn't reveal when the wedding will be during the proceedings, but you can tune in to CBS at 8 p.m. EST to watch the whole show.