People Are Buying So Much Food For Snowstorm Jonas

In case you haven't heard yet, Winter Storm Jonas is coming and it could be an all-weekend affair. The snow is going to start pummeling New York City and Washington, D.C. between Friday and Saturday and is not projected to stop until late Saturday or Sunday. Bracing themselves, many people are preparing for the Snowmaggedon by stocking up on essential groceries, like bread and milk.

Approximately 1,800 Friday flights have been canceled. Both Charleston and Washington, D.C. are expected to get as much as two feet of snow throughout the weekend, so residents all over the East Coast aren’t taking this storm lightly. The snowstorm’s dangers are affecting more than just flights; Metro Public Transport canceled its weekend services in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. “This is not a storm that anyone should take lightly, and I would urge all residents to plan to get to a safe place before the storm arrives Friday afternoon,” Metro general manager/CEO Paul J. Wiedefeld told Fox 61.

Stocking up on milk and bread, common grocery staples for many, seems to be popular among those preparing for this weekend’s snowstorm. However, Slate reports that people are so frenzied and “nervously excited” about the storm that they are buying Trader Joe’s boxed salads to survive on this weekend. A little odd, since, you know, salad greens are perishable.

Whatever your survival food of choice is, here are some of the items people have bought in bulk, completely clearing out the grocery store shelves:





Ice Cream

A Little Bit Of Everything