The Universe Finally Has Given Us Sriracha Packets

by Kaitlyn Wylde

If making room for a value-sized bottle of Sriracha in your purse was seriously becoming a compromising issue for you, you're in luck, because Sriracha now comes in packets. Nevermore will your electronics and car keys be sticky with red goo, nevermore will your lips blaze on fire because your giant bottle of hot sauce leaked into your cosmetic case, nevermore will you nearly faint with embarrassment when you go to take your wallet our at the register and end up chasing that bottle as it rolls out of your bag, onto the floor, and around the store. The folks over at Sriracha feel for you, which is exactly why they came up with a revolutionary solution. Because why does ketchup get to have all the mobile fun while hot sauce gets stuffed in a bag or hid away in the pantry?

If you're the kind of person who needs to spice up your life 24/7, this is the greatest news you'll get all weekend. Order yourself a box of Srircacha2go and equip your pockets with an emergency supply that doesn't cut into precious purse or pantry space. Front pocket, back pocket, side pocket, secret pocket, fill 'em up because you can never have too much hot sauce, but you already knew that.

And in the spirit of this epic Sriracha news, some fun facts:

Why There's A Rooster Logo

Huy Fong Foods top dog David Tran was born in the year of the rooster. That's right, it's his Chinese Zodiac symbol. The rooster is also a symbol of strength in Vietnam, so double whammy in the symbolism department.

What's In A Name

I always thought Sriracha was the name of a pepper or spice or an onomatopoeia for a sound someone might make after tasting something really spicy. However, Sriracha is actually named after a coastal city in the province in Eastern Thailand, called Si Racha.

Live Long And Prosper

Turns out Sriracha will make you live longer, well, spicy foods in general might. To be exact, those who ate hot sauce at least once a week had a 10 percent lesser chance of death. So technically, if you're trying to get your health on, you should be eating more hot sauce. Are you OK with that? I'll bet you are.

What Sriracha Says About You

It's believed that people who like hot sauces and spices tend to be more adventurous and more likely to take risks and try new things. But in actually, it's the other way around. You probably like hot sauce because you're more adventurous already. So basically, what science is saying is that if you like ketchup you're boring and hate fun. K, sorry, bai!

Images: Sriracha2go, Giphy