Pippa & James Didn't Meet On On Tinder For Royals

by Caitlyn Callegari

People love origin stories, and that doesn't just go for things like superhero movies — it goes for romance, too. And there are some real life couples I'm curious about. Namely, Pippa Middleton and her boyfriend, James Matthews. While I am aware that they are dating for the second time, I wonder how Middleton and Matthews initially met.

After all, I can't fathom what the dating pool is like for someone who is basically a member of the royal family. Do they have a special Tinder? Do they have OK Cupid? Do they just go out and meet people in bars the old fashioned way? Mainly, is it anything at all like what Mia Thermopolis had to go through in the Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement? Except, you know, with less Chris Pine?

After doing a bit of digging, I have found that, no, this nearly royal courtship isn't anything like the movies. In fact, it is actually super normal. While I could not find specifics on exactly where and when Middleton and Matthews met, there are enough details to make an educated inference.

According to a 2012 article from The Mirror, we can at least trace back to their first few known dates, which, per the site, took place at a "fashionable London restaurant" and "the exclusive Queen’s Club, a center for tennis and other racquet sports in West Kensington, London." OK, so maybe their dates aren't totally normal, but they're not totally outrageous either.

To get a better idea of their initial meeting and relationship in 2012, a source told Us Weekly at the time: "They have been out together a few times. It's very early days but James really likes her. She's a smart girl who has her head together. They have a lot in common."

Since they're both famous in their own right (Middleton through her sister's marriage, and Matthews, through his brother's TV fame — his younger brother Spencer is a cast member on Made In Chelsea ) it isn't too difficult to see how they may have crossed paths or been in similar friend circles. Especially if they both love going out in London as much as they did (and probably still do) on their dates.

Clearly, the couple are now much more familiar with one another, enough to date again. I'm sure there's a sappy quote about second chances I've pinned to my "Quote" board on Pinterest about this, but honestly, this whole situation sort of speaks for itself. After all, it isn't so much about how you meet, it's about how you keep the relationship going from there. Maybe the the second time is the charm for them.