A Look At Pippa Middleton's Dating Passt

by Caitlyn Callegari

It can't be easy being the younger sister of a normal person turned duchess, for more reasons than one. The main one being, that by association, you too are illuminated in the royal spotlight, for better or worse — which I'd assume makes things like dating particularly difficult to keep under wraps. Case in point, Kate Middleton's sister Pippa Middleton has dated a few men over the years that we've been acquainted with merely because they courted her. But who are the men that the royal's younger sister has dated? Well, first and foremost, they're very lucky, that's what.

On the too good to be true front, it has even been rumored that Middleton and Prince Harry were dating. Now, I can't exactly confirm nor deny (but it's probably not true because the evidence is pretty shaky), but it does sound like quite the good rom-com plot, doesn't it? Yeah, it totally does. Who will play Harry? Better yet, who will play Pippa? Phew, I have a lot to think about, so I should probably get down to this list of Middleton's significant others business first.

Here are five guys that Pippa Middleton has allegedly dated as of late.

1. Nico Jackson

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In July 2014, The Daily Mail reported that Middleton and Jackson were "about to tie the knot," but a big career move was about to force them to be in a long distance relationship. They explained that Jackson was "set to quit his job at Deutsche Bank to take on a new role at a multi-billion pound hedge fund in Geneva," which he did. And it seems that the long distance detriment prophecy was fulfilled. In October 2015, People reported that Middleton had broken up with the stockbroker after three years of dating.

2. Alex Loudon

Julian Finney/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

In September 2015, E! Online reported that she and Loudon, the banker and longtime boyfriend she had broken up with in 2011, had lunch together. The publication also made note that she was still with Jackson at the time.

3. James Matthews

Us Weekly reported that Middleton dated the investment banker in 2012. According to the Daily Mail, in addition to Loudon, Middleton was also seen out with Matthews recently. They reported that "The pair were pictured going into a house in West London on Wednesday evening after walking the investment banker’s dog. Pippa, 32, then emerged the next morning clutching a bouquet of flowers, shortly followed by Mr. Matthews, the brother of reality show Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews."

4. George Percy

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According to Zimbio, "Rumors swirled in early 2012 that Pippa Middleton and old friend George Percy had fallen in love. UK tabloid The Sun reported that the two shared an intimate moment together at a NYE party. Reps for both parties denied any such relationship ever existed." I mean, doesn't he kinda sorta look like Prince Harry? I'm just saying...

5. André Balazs

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In September 2012, Page Six reported that Middleton "flirted" with CEO and hotel owner, Andre Balasz. They said, "Spies say Middleton played pingpong with Balazs at his boutique hotel Sunset Beach, where there was 'definite chemistry between the pair,' who then also shared dinner Sunday night." Though, you know what they say: one game of pingpong does not a couple make.

Still holding out for Prince Harry, personally. Not for Middleton, though. For me.