This Lady's Starring In An Exciting New Comedy

Remember when we told you about all those Tina Fey comedies that were getting greenlit pretty much the second she spoke their concepts aloud? One of those Fey comedies just cast Margaret Cho! You should be as excited as I am about this. The comedy in question is Fey's pilot with Fox, which centers on a woman's college as it transitions to co-ed for the first time in its history.

So where does awesome comedian Margaret Cho come in? She's the first reported casting for the series, and she will be playing Laura Thibault, president of the series' main Cabot College. Though we of course don't know any details about her character's backstory or personality as of yet, it's probably safe to say she'll be dealing with the likely harrowing and varying public opinion of the admissions change, especially as she's being described as the "divisive" figure who greenlit the change in the first place.

Cho is no stranger to television, of course: She's a regular on Drop Dead Gorgeous, and she's worked with Fey before on 30 Rock, in which she played both Kim Jong-Il and Kim Jong-Un. She won an Emmy for that role, so excuse us while we daydream about what's to come for this next one.