David Schwimmer Is Coming Back To TV — Again

by Emily Lackey

It’s easy to write Friends' Ross Geller off as the funny physical comedy guy, the one character on the show who wasn’t afraid of slapping himself in the face or looking like a complete fool. And it's true — he definitely has a knack for that. But, the other side of Ross Geller’s character was an incredible softy, a guy who wasn’t afraid of being vulnerable and flawed and even a little weird. And when David Schwimmer played some of Ross’ more serious moments, it became 100 percent that this guy has a ton of talent. Which is why, when I heard that Schwimmer was recently cast to star in Feed the Beast the new AMC drama, I was totally sure that he was the right guy for the job. I mean, just look at all of these 13 dramatic Ross Geller moments from Friends that, in spite of his hilarious side, prove that he’s totally prepared to take on a darker, more dramatic role.

According to The Hollywood Repoter, the new drama, which was picked up by AMC in June, stars Schwimmer as Tommy, a man who can’t let go of the trouble his best friend often finds himself in. When the two are on the brink of losing everything, they decide to risk it all and open up a restaurant in the Bronx, something that they know very little about. The show follows them as they work toward making their dreams a reality and overcoming their inner demons.

Oh, and there’s also a ton of backstabbing and betrayal. For these two best friends, the stakes couldn’t be any higher.

But before you go thinking that this role seems like a total departure for Schwimmer, just look at some of these iconic Friends moments that prove he’s ready to take on the dramatic role.

1. The One Where Ben Was Born

Putting aside his petty differences with his ex-wife and her new wife, Schwimmer portrayed this serious moment with absolute grace.

2. The One Where It All Ended

And every Friends fan died crying. But look at Schwimmer through it all, providing a solid ground for his friends to lean on. Something tells me that’s going to be necessary in this new show for sure.

3. The One Where Ross And Rachel Get Their Happy Ending

In his new role, Schwimmer’s character struggles to let love into his life. Kind of like Ross did with Rachel, taking SEVEN SEASONS to finally figure out that they were each other’s lobsters.

4. The One Where Rachel Has A Baby

The touching moment is made even better by Schwimmer’s stellar acting.

5. The One Where Ross And Rachel Break Up

There has never been a sadder scene in all of television history, and that is largely because of this moment, where Schwimmer got down on his knees and broke all of our hearts at home.

6. The One Where He’s Rachel’s Lobster

Look at that seriousness! Not a comedic undertone to be had in that kiss.

7. The One Where Donald Threw Away His Sandwich

He can totally rage out when the scene calls for it.

8. The One Where He Was In Tight Situation

This is, by far, my favorite Ross Geller moment, but it also shows how Schwimmer handles a character that is in a sticky situation. Literally. And, from the sound of this new show, his character is going to be in tight situations all. The. Time.

9. The One With Ross And Rachel’s First Kiss

More love. More seriousness. More of this in his new show, please!

10. The One Where He Did Anything For His Friend

Including snuggling with Joey on the regular. For a show that’s all about two friends, Schwimmer will bring plenty of experience playing close friendships to the table.

11. The One Where He Was Miserable About Life

It sounds like his new character faces a number of tough times. Good to know Schwimmer can play morose like nobody else.

12. The One Where Chandler Helped Him Flirt

More bro time. Definitely something he's going to take into his latest role.

13. The One Where He Says Rachel By Mistake

His shock and horror is so sincere in this scene, you have to admire the seriousness of it.

See what I mean? David Schwimmer is totally prepared to play serious in this new role. I just hope he takes a little taste of Ross Geller with him.