10 Valentine's Day Memes That Are Actually Funny

Feb. 14 is one of those dates that you either love or hate. If you hate it, then you are going to enjoy scrolling through these funny Valentine's Day memes. If you love it, then you can still get a chuckle from reading these. Yes, it's time for memes. No, there's no way you can escape it, and anyway, why would you want to? Valentine's Day is a ridiculous holiday, and it only makes sense that we laugh rather than take things too seriously.

Whether you are single on Valentine's Day, or stressing out about what to get your significant other, you have to admit that a day devoted to buying chocolates in heart-shaped boxes and little candy hearts that read "Be True" is kind of ridiculous. These hilarious memes get that. They also get that being single on a day that celebrates duos is a bummer. But guess what? You can laugh it off with them!

From Dwight Schrute to Han Solo, I've rounded up the funniest of funny memes below. While they all may carry different messages, there's one thing that they have in common: the ability to mock Feb. 14 in all its ridiculously commercial, pressurized, meaningless insanity. OK, it's not that bad. Regardless... enjoy!

But I'd be lying if I said hipster dog isn't my one true love.

Time to get out your disinfecting spray.

Is this a trick question?

I would not be surprised. Not even a little bit.

It's possible I'll write a passive aggressive Facebook post about you, though.

Everyone knows that Han's style is the best style.

Get it right before you hurt yourself.

Life hack!

Good thing you're your own best company, right?

Better to prepare yourself now.

Images: Meme Center