How Are Celebs Reacting To Winter Storm Jonas?

As Winter Storm Jonas blankets the East Coast with powder, celebrities all over have reacted to winter storm Jonas on social media, and taken to keeping us up-to-date on their whereabouts whilst snowed in. Understandably, the Jonases (the brothers, not the storm) are having fun big time, with Kevin setting the bar pretty high right off the bat with a superimposed video of him "kicking" a storm map. Their fruitful Twitter updates have even spawned a whole Tumblr account, The Snonas Brothers. Shameless star Emmy Rossum, on the other hand, took to her Twitter to post a text she received from her mother to her half a million followers: "Reminder honey! Snow emergency! Fill several pots w water for washing & cooking in case electricity goes out. Water pump runs on electric! Also put in a few bottles of bottled water bc you'll drink them! Stove runs on gas can be lit with a match in case of loss electricity!" While the actor was quick to point out how cute her mom's warnings were, she also added, "Thanks, mom. I'm going to charge my phone so I can order from seamless!!! :)"

With the good people over at The Weather Channel anticipating over two feet of snow this weekend, it might be best to take Ms. Rossum's advice and settle in with your bottled water — and also continue to update yourself on what your favorite famous persons are up to while the weather drops.

Nick Jonas

Leave it to a Jonas brother to own the awkward.

Joe Jonas

See above.

Kevin Jonas

I see you over there, Kevin. Killed it.

Steve Martin

SAME. Martin just gets me.

Emmy Rossum

Pizza is really the best snowstorm food option, honestly. Rossum also gets me.

Bethenny Frankel

Leave it to the queen of all one-liners for a great #Blizzard2016 one-liner.

T.J. Holmes

Is snowball creation more of an art or a science?

Kelly Ripa

Speaking of which, I need one of those. (I'm talking about the shovel, not the husband.)

Neil Patrick Harris

At least the streets look plowed.

Chelsea Clinton

It's official: People will go to any lengths for Shake Shack.

Celebs: When winter storms hit, they're just like us!