The Grammys Just Sent Us Back a Decade

Is it us or did this year’s Grammys Red Carpet just transport us back to 2003? As distractingly suave as Ryan Seacrest’s blue suit was, we had to tear our googly eyes away for a moment to have a look at all the stars on music’s biggest night. There was something nostalgic in the air at the red carpet. And no, it wasn’t because there are so many mash-ups and collaborations soon to come that it’s hard to tell who is making a come back and who is just there to hang out...it was because SO MANY of tonight’s looks were straight up stolen from the class of 2003.

So grab your Tommy Gear lanyard, low-rise flare jeans, a tube tee with a dragon on it, and your favorite Bath & Body Works glitter roll on scent and get ready to rewind an entire decade. Though truth be told plenty of us would probably forget that time we did hair twisties and and sleeveless turtleneck “sweaters.” I guess fashion’s cycles are just getting shorter and shorter. But hey, at least we can always depend on the Grammys to make all of the most atrocious fashion OH NOES before any of us have to. Behold 2003 right before your eyes...again.

The Osbournes Are On the Air Again

Did you catch Ozzy's adorable interaction with Kelly on the red carpet? The master of metal and proud papa could barely contain himself telling the world how much he loved his daughter. "She's the light of my life!" Awwww, Ozzy, now go fumble with the remote and wander listlessly in your boxers.

Paris Hilton is Coming Back

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

AND MAKING ANOTHER ALBUM! Run for the hills!

Sara Bareilles' Hair

The only thing missing was a butterfly clip and wire tattoo choker.

The Swan Dress Returneth!

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ok, so Bjork's infamous swan dress was 2001...but still, Colbie Cailait's feathery neckline (and braids) brought us back to the early 00's in a major way.

Keith Urban is Basically Jon Bon Jovi

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whose life is it guys? WHOSE?

Madonna's Grills

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The jury's still out on whether or not this was a fly or a flub move. It was certainly a choice. And one that either made you said A WHAT? or YEEEEEAAAHHH-UHHH.

Macklemore in Head-to-toe Velvet

Thankfully it was an actual suit, and not a track suit.

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Image: PeopleRedCarpet/ooGaryC/Twitter