7 Things That Go Awry When You Wear Heels Out

by Melanie Richtman

Let's face it. Unless you're a Kardashian, you have to really think about your decision to wear heels for a night out, because the opportunities for things to go horribly awry when you wear heels are almost infinite. It seems like a lot of tall girls don't feel the need to wear heels, but I am not one of them. I'm 5'9" but I love wearing heels, and when I'm getting ready to go out, my outfit doesn't seem complete until I throw on a pair of heeled booties, or even better, my thigh high suede Steve Madden boots.

But wearing heels out is a commitment. You'll probably be standing all night because there is never enough seating anywhere, and you'll definitely be forced to walk way farther than you ever anticipated, because that always seems to happen on the nights you wear heels, so you can assume that your feet will probably be sore by the time the night ends, but that's to be expected — so you wear your heels regardless.

However, you don't (at least I don't) think about all of the other little things that can go wrong when you wear heels out.

1. You Might Lose Your Balance

Going out in winter makes things even more difficult. Have you ever tried walking on ice and snow covered sidewalks in heels? It's a true test of your core strength as well as the reflexes of your friends who may have to catch you when you inevitably fall.

2. You'll Probably Trail Behind Your Squad

I'm typically a fast walker, but heels definitely slow me down a bit. Sometimes before you know it you'll be a block behind your pals. Whoops.

3. You Realize Your Heels Might Be Too Tall

You can get used to wearing heels, but if you always wear three inch heels, and then decide to wear a pair of four inch heels out, you might think you'll be fine, but chances are you won't be. Your feet will hurt more than you anticipated. Over confidence is a real thing,

4. You'll Lose Your Ability To Dance Like A Normal Person

I do not claim to have dance moves, in fact, I usually dance like an idiot (because it's fun and I lack rhythm) but once you start trying to dance in heels, you realize how much your range of motion is truly limited.

5. You Might Get A Blister

Or even worse, have your heeled booties rub right at your ankle until it's raw and bleeding. Ugh!

6. Spraining Your Ankle Is A Legitimate Possibility

The chances that you'll step on someone's foot and roll your ankle while wearing heels is way higher than when you wear flat shoes. Hopefully you played soccer as a kid and built up strength in your ankles.

7. You'll See Everyone You Don't Want To See

Mostly because you'll be noticeably taller than the rest of the crowd. Or maybe that's just a problem I have?