The 6 Best Hype Headlines From Winter Storm Jonas

By Saturday afternoon, the majority of the East Coast was blanketed in white thanks to Winter Storm Jonas, which is expected to leave about two feet of snow across the mid-Atlantic states. According to the National Weather Service, New York City and the surrounding areas may receive has much 25 inches of snow by the time the storm rolls out Sunday morning. Blizzard warnings are in effect from Washington, D.C., to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, until Sunday morning, according to The Weather Channel.

On Saturday morning, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency in New York City and a handful of surrounding counties, and later closed all roads in the area because of dangerous weather conditions. Meanwhile, drivers have been stranded on highways stretching from Pennsylvania to Kentucky, The Weather Channel reports. As for air travel, there was no hope for airline passengers: according to flight-tracking website, there were almost than 5,000 canceled flights on Saturday due to Winter Storm Jonas.

While East Coast residents are used to blizzard hype, only to wake up to just a few inches of snow, Winter Storm Jonas did not mess around. Here's six of the best "hype" headlines that show that Winter Storm Jonas indeed lived up to its hype.

"Forecasters Are Shocked By How Long They've Seen Winter Storm Jonas Coming"

From Tech Insider.

"Winter Storm Jonas Shows That Weezer Should Be the Basis for Naming All Storms"

From GQ. Best line, because it deserves to be noted: "The East Coast is about to be hammered by a major snowstorm called Winter Storm Jonas. Now, personally, I don't remember when we started naming blizzards as if they were hurricanes. Didn't people just use to identify them by the year? Like that time at Thanksgiving your dad said, "Oh, I'll never forget the blizzard of ’78. That was the weekend your mother and I got cooped up at the cabin with only a fire and a bearskin rug to keep us warm..." (It turns out we started doing this in 2012.) Anyway, I guess we're naming winter storms now, and I say great! So long as they continue to be named after Weezer songs, as I assume Winter Storm Jonas was."

"Winter Storm Jonas Brings Big Snow, Big Problems To South, Northeast And Mid-Atlantic"

From The Weather Channel.

"Brutal Winter Storm Jonas Wallops Eastern Seaboard"

From the Christian Broadcast News Network.

"Much Of East Coast Paralyzed As Massive Winter Storm Continues"

From NPR.And the best one we've seen all week...

Sorry! Winter Storm Jonas Doesn’t Make Climate Change A Liberal Hoax

From the Grist.