Is Gigi Hadid's Necklace Telling Us Something Big?

by Augusta Statz

Well, everybody, the mystery’s been solved — sort of. Gigi Hadid stepped out wearing the “Z” necklace that first sent everyone into a tizzy on Zayn Malik’s birthday (a.k.a. ZDAY). So, if you’ve been wondering: Is the necklace a gift for Zayn? Who is wearing the necklace in this photo? And are Zizi (if you will) making their relationship official? Some of those questions now have answers. What a relief, right?

While they haven’t made their relationship official, it does seem as though they’re, you know, going steady. Hadid was spotted wearing the necklace, so it’s probably safe to assume she was wearing the necklace in that confusing Instagram post, too. Or even better — maybe they have matching ones. How cute! Affection can be displayed in many ways, but leave it to this supermodel to find a way to make a fashionable statement of how much she cares for the “Z” man, you know?

See how Hadid reps her appreciation for Malik in style, and then shop similar pieces for you and your significant other. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I can’t think of a better way to show your love for each other than with a super cute initial necklace. Even if you don’t get a piece of jewelry to make your feelings known, at least you can rest a little easier knowing that Malik and Hadid are likely going strong.

Here's the original Instagram post, as if you could forget.

And this is when Hadid stepped out wearing the necklace.

You can see the necklace poking out just barely in this close-up.

Custom Engraved Necklace, $60, Anarchy Street

Carve your boo's initials on a bar necklace to rep your ship the same way as Hadid.

Hollywood Initial Chain Cuff, $32, Baublebar

If a bracelet's more your thing, you can easily add an initial to that, too.

Initial Charm Ring, $32, Baublebar

For an even more subtle route, you can wear your affection around your finger.

A little bling to show how much you care seems just right, doesn't it? Leave it to Hadid to have your Valentine's Day gifts sorted.

Images: John Phillips/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Courtesy Brands (3); Giphy (1)