These Are The Best Tweets About Winter Storm Jonas

Earlier this week, the East Coast was slammed by Winter Storm Jonas. With it came snow, ice, more snow, more ice, and thousands of Snapchat stories recording its first few flakes before we all got tired of being cold and turned to Twitter to entertain ourselves. The best tweets about #Blizzard2016 span a variety of topics, locations, and species (thanks, snow-shoveling dinosaur), but one fact has been made clear: People go pretty stir-crazy when they're cooped up inside for a weekend. Also, jokes connecting the storm Jonas and the Jonas brothers will never get old.

According to the Weather Channel, the storm hit at least 14 states along the East Coast on Friday, burying cities from Washington, D.C. to New York City in over two feet of snow. The snow itself stopped falling early Sunday morning, but cleanup can't begin in earnest until temperatures climb above freezing. Fortunately, this is expected in most areas by Sunday. The travel ban has been lifted, but many of us remain inside — after all, what's the point of leaving the house when you can endlessly scroll through OKCupid like everyone else? That being said, even the most avid Tinder users can get bored after the third hour or so. While we wait for our lives to return to normal, why not distract yourself with other people's hilarious tweets about Jonas and wish you'd come up with them first?

Everyone Prepares For A Mini-Vacation

...Except For NASA

They just had to one-up everyone else.


There's Always A Silver Lining

Nobody Asked You, Europe

Way To Be A Jerk, Bambi

At Least There's An Excuse This Time

Oops, A JoBros Joke Slipped In

Is That Another One?

There Are Dozens Of Of Them

So Many Layers To This Joke (Well, Two)

That was the last JoBros joke, I promise.

The Most Applicable Tweet In The History Of The Universe

A Hero Lives Among Us

Let's All Take A Cue From Tian Tian

Or just watch this video 20 times and take a nap. Vicariously playing in the snow is exhausting.