11 Winter Storm Jonas Brothers Memes

As many of my fellow east coaters know, there is a bad winter storm on its way called Winter Storm Jonas. Unfortunately, the storm isn't bringing the Jonas Brothers with it, but just cold, snow, and ice. Seriously, why couldn't it just be Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas? I'm pretty sure everyone would appreciate them and their beautiful voices over a blizzard. That said, at least people appear to be in good spirits, because there are now many Winter Storm Jonas Brothers memes floating around social media.

With a storm name like that, how can you not create memes, especially ones relating to the Jonas Brothers. It's too good an opportunity to pass up — and no one has. Funnily enough, all three JoBros have commented on the storm with hilarious responses. They're getting in on the memes, too, and it's quite glorious. Joe tweeted, "Comin in hot," alongside an iPhone notification from The Weather Channel. Nick wrote, "So... Winter storm JONAS is coming. This is awkward." And Kevin added, "Here we go," accompanied by a gif of himself battling the storm on a map.

See? Even they know how have a laugh about all of this. And can you blame them? Just check out these memes.

1. The JoBros Are Loving It

I sense an upcoming reunion and single titled "Winter Storm Jonas."

2. They Are All Over The Map

Maybe their next album cover?

3. Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

Seriously, who wants to build a Nick Jonas snowman?

4. They Are Wreaking Havoc Separately

When a band breaks up, I guess this is what happens. They wreak havoc via a winter storm in separate states.

5. Some Are Looking Forward To The... Inches

Yeah, that just happened.

6. They Are Having So Much Fun

Look at those smiles!

7. New Cover Art Minus Kevin

Where is Kevin? Did he get swept up in the storm? Seriously, is he OK?

8. A Little Throwback

I don't know what's worse, the storm or that hair.

9. No, It's Not A JoBros Reunion

I know, it's disappointing. Though, can I get this on a T-shirt?

10. They've Really Never Looked So Good

What a backdrop. Lookin' good, boys.

11. Finally, The Insult Meme

Ouch. That hurts.

Remember, if you need some cheering up during Winter Storm Jonas this weekend, these memes will help.