Here's Exactly How Much Snow The East Coast Got

by Cate Carrejo

Winter Storm Jonas has officially dissipated, but it left the East Coast with a little parting gift — snow. Not just a little bit, a lot. Fourteen states have already documented over a foot of snow, and at least four states had some all-time snowfall records smashed by the storm. How much snow did the East Coast get? The extreme total for the highest snowfall during the storm was 3.5 feet.

During the record-breaking snowstorm, people came up with some creative solutions for entertaining themselves during the blizzard. While most New Yorkers were ordering delivery and watching Netflix, vlogger Casey Neistat took a snowboarding trip through New York City, and, of course, documented the whole thing for Youtube. Neistat and whoever was driving his Jeep could have been arrested because of the travel ban, but their reckless abandon seems to have paid off — their video already has almost 500,000 views. People also risked life and limb to ski and snowboard down the steep hills of Washington D.C., but at least they got a workout in.

Winter Storm Jonas is already a legendary storm, and this is just the beginning of the winter season. It's entirely possible that these record-shattering snowfalls could be shattered once again later on in the season. Even if this is the biggest storm of 2016, the snowfall totals will be more than enough.

Glengary, West Virginia

This small West Virginia town with a population of only 277 people had the highest snowfall total during Winter Storm Jonas — a whopping 42 inches. That's tall enough to ride some rollercoasters.

New York City

Reports are still coming in, but as of Sunday afternoon, Jonas had dropped 27.9 inches at LaGuardia Airport, 26.8 inches at Central Park, and 30.5 inches at JFK Airport. The community of Port Richmond on Staten Island, which got hit with 31.3 inches, saw the highest snowfall total in the state.

Washington D.C.

Not everyone was stuck inside on the snow day — this video of Tian Tian the panda playing in the snow at the National Zoo in Washington D.C. proves that someone had a good time during Jonas. BWI Airport had an all-time record of 29.2 inches, while Reagan only reported about 18 inches. Luckily for Tian Tian, the snow should stick around for a while.


Philly was hit with 22.4 inches, making it one of the heaviest snow storms the city has ever seen. Previous records were crushed in Harrisburg and Allentown, Pennsylvania, but the prize for highest snowfall total went to the town of Greencastle, which was blanketed in 38.3 inches.

New Jersey

While northern parts of the state got up to 29 inches, the coast was battered by severe flooding. The storm's heavy winds washed seawater onshore, and residents of hundreds of coastal towns are seeing floodwaters higher than Hurricane Sandy back in 2012.


This awesome before and after photo was captured in Manassas, Virginia, but the town of Philomont, located about 25 miles northwest of Washington, D.C., saw the state's highest snowfall total of 39 inches.

The danger has passed, but it could take the East Coast a few more days to recover from the storm. Cross your fingers for a snow day Monday, and good luck shoveling!