A 'Making A Murderer' Movie Starring Kyle Chandler As Dean Strang? Don't Count It Out

After finishing Netflix's 10-part series Making a Murderer, there's only one reasonable thing to do: wallow in sadness that it's over while simultaneously freaking out to your friends over all your theories and burning questions. After that, though, you can move on to other important stuff — like, say, dream-casting a Making a Murderer movie. While it's certainly unlikely that the documentary series will get the big-screen treatment anytime soon, that hasn't stopped many fans from listing the actors they'd love to see take on the roles of Steven Avery, Brendan Dassy and more. The choices for each character have varied, except for one; on practically all dream-cast lists, Kyle Chandler for Dean Strang is a top-tier pick. And while at the Sundance Film Festival to promote his film Manchester by the Sea, Chandler spoke out about the possibility of playing such a fan favorite in a MaM movie.

"Well, I don't know," he said at first, when asked if he knew about fans' wishes to see him take on the role of Strang. Despite saying that he watched the show in "a day and a half," Chandler seemed to be unaware of his number one placement on so many dream cast lists, which, let's be real, is probably for the best; the Friday Night Lights star doesn't need to know just how passionate Making a Murderer fans truly are.

But after being informed about how badly viewers want to see him play Strang, Chandler gave an approving nod and said, "I like it."

So, Making a Murderer fans, get excited; if a movie adaptation of the hugely popular series ever does happen, Chandler isn't entirely against taking on the role of Avery lawyer Dean Strang. And how good would it be? Those eyes, that stare, even that hair — it's all proof that Chandler would be a perfect choice to play the much-loved Strang on-screen. If you think you're attracted to the lawyer now, just imagine how it'd be once you hear his heartbreaking words spoken in Coach Taylor's Southern drawl. Let's hope that this piece of perfect dream-casting doesn't go to waste.