Post-'Bachelor' Amber Is All About Her Friends

by Kayla Hawkins

Amber James has been on three back-to-back Bachelor shows — but now that Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor has finished filming, what has Amber been up to? The Chicago native spent most of 2015-2016 being seen on television between The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise, and now The Bachelor again. But, since then, she's been busy celebrating the holidays and spending time with her friends and family. And, even though The Bachelor shows are on TV for months at a time, they don't really tape for that long. For example, this season of The Bachelor with Ben filmed for just a couple of months in the fall according to Reality Steve. (Don't click the link if you don't want spoilers.) So, the Season 20 experience managed to only take up a few short weeks of Amber's life.

Ever since then, she's been a part of a whirlwind of activity, proving that even if she isn't handed Ben Higgins' final rose on the season finale, she's got more than enough other stuff going on to take her mind off things. And, since she makes time to document what she gets up to on Instagram and Twitter, it's no mystery that she's been a very busy lady since The Bachelor finished filming.

She Returned To Her Hometown

Amber is proudly from Chicago (it's even in her Instagram handle!), and she's spent a lot of time back in the city since the filming for The Bachelor ended.

But, She's Also Been Doing Some Traveling

The view from this ski resort is incredible!

She Visited With Family

Amber is clearly very close with her extended family, and she spent most of the fall/winter catching up with them — makes sense after she spent most of the year filming Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelor!

She Had A Brief Health Scare

Back in late November/early December 2015, Amber briefly spent some time in the hospital. But, fortunately, she bounced back pretty quickly.

She Celebrated The Holidays

Judging by that huge smile, Amber is a big Christmas person, and she went all out on the decorations and the gifts underneath the tree.

And, She Hung Out With All Of Her Bachelor Nation Pals

If there were Bachelor superlatives, I think Amber would be a shoo-in for "Most Popular." She has many friendships with people she's co-starred with, like when she met up with Mikey and Jaclyn after meeting them on Bachelor in Paradise. And, after filming the current season, I bet she walked away with a whole bunch of new friends!

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC