Gizelle Bryant's Daughters Give Her Friendship Tips On 'Real Housewives Of Potomac' & The Kids Know Better Than The Adults

The friendships on any franchise of the Real Housewives are bound to be packed with disagreements, and even though Real Housewives Of Potomac just started, we already have a fight brewing — Charrisse Jackson Jordan and Karen Huger are on one side, and Gizelle Bryant are on the other. I’m not here to pick sides — what I’ll say is everyone involved is a grown woman and shouldn’t be concerned with things as petty as deciding where someone sits at a table on her birthday and whose hairstylist is allowed to visit and whose is not. The fights on Real Housewives Of Potomac are so ridiculous, but Gizelle’s daughters, Grace, age 10; and twins Angel and Adore, age 9 — give out perfect friendship advice.

After Gizelle’s blowup with Charrisse and Karen, she decided that she wanted to write both women a letter and invite them to lunch to make amends? Or she wanted to invite them to lunch and tell them again why they were wrong for being mad at her? I’m not really sure which. There’s a lot of talk of etiquette on this show and I can burp the alphabet, so I’m not the person to ask. Anyway, Gizelle asked her daughters if they thought it was a good idea for her to write Charrisse and Karen letters, and, in their elementary school wisdom, the girls universally panned their mother’s not-so-bright plan. Grace told her mother that nothing good ever came of talking out a stupid argument in a friendship (so sage for a 10-year-old), and Adore and Angel seconded their older sister’s opinions. Keep it quiet, Mom, they said. Don’t bother with words, they said. Stupid arguments should be forgotten about!

Of course, Gizelle didn’t listen and instead drafted letters to both Karen and Charrisse. They had a lunch and they are still fighting, so it seems as though Gizelle should have taken the advice of her daughters — Grace, Adore, and Angel are close to the playground, which is a pretty akin to the environment of a Real Housewives season. Perhaps Gizelle will listen to them later on in the season and avoid any further disagreements.

Images: Tommy Garcia/Bravo; Larry French/Bravo