What's Jubilee Sharpe Been Doing Since 'The Bachelor' Finished Filming? She's Hard At Work

As fans learned last week, Bachelor contestant Jubilee Sharpe is one brave woman — not only has she served in the U.S. Army, but she had to deal with losing her family in Haiti. She talked about her past with Ben Higgins on their first one-on-one date during Week 3, and she won over a number of fans who are now eager for more information on her — whether she ends up with Ben or not. So, what has Jubilee been doing since The Bachelor finished filming? According to her various social media accounts, Jubilee is still affiliated with the Army and she's been modeling, hanging out with friends, and going to weddings — you know, the usual.

According to her Instagram profile, Jubilee is based in South Florida when she's not deployed, and, as of October 2015, she was still studying become a cardiovascular sonographer — that's a technician who is able to run a special kind of heart-testing procedure. She posted on Instagram that she's on track to graduate from the program in March.

While Jubilee is super talented, her social media posts don't seem to hint at a love in her life currently — Ben or anyone else. But, that's pretty standard non-spoiler protocol. You can listen to Bustle debate her chances in our Bachelor podcast, and see what else she's been up to below.

Army Warrior Leadership Camp

According to her Instagram posts, Jubilee participated a three-week warrior leadership camp with the Army in December 2015 at McCrady Training Center in South Carolina. She bonded with many other soldiers during what sounds like an intense experience. She described one of the activities during the camp as "About to get thrown out in the middle of nowhere with just a map and compass, left to survive and find our way back." Wow!

Hanging Out With Her Family

After losing her family in Haiti, Jubilee revealed on the show that she was adopted by an American family — and it looks like they couldn't be a happier unit.

Going Snowboarding

Jubliee captioned this video, "I love extreme sports." Check out her super skills above.

Still Studying

Jubilee posted this photo two weeks ago, so it looks like she's still in cardiovascular sonography school as The Bachelor airs. Nothing can stop this gal from achieving her dreams.

Celebrating Her Birthday

The veteran turned 25 a week ago and celebrated with a non-rose flower (heh), as well as a very Instagram-worthy cake.

Enjoying Scenic South Florida

Jubilee often Instagrams her runs, which usually involve photos of palm trees and gorgeous blue skies.

But, is she also secretly dating Ben post-filming? We'll have to watch to find out!

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; giphy