Is Rachel Tchen Still Unemployed? 'The Bachelor' Contestant Is Exploring Her Options

I love a lot of things about The Bachelor, but one of my absolute favorite things about the show is the career descriptions of the contestants. For Ben Higgins' season alone, fans have been treated to occupations like "chicken enthusiast," "twin," and "unemployed." That last one appears under the very honest Rachel Tchen's name. (Power to her for telling it like it is.) But, is Rachel from The Bachelor still unemployed? The show's been done filming for a couple of months now, but it's hard to tell if Rachel has found employment. The contestant hasn't updated her LinkedIn profile, which still lists her as working in business development at Staples Advantage since October 2014. There aren't any other clues to a job on her social media accounts, either.

In an Instagram post from July 2015, Rachel wrote in a photo caption that she was exploring her options and testing life's boundaries. "To those who may think I have unlimited vacation days — I do. I've recently RETIRED (I wish)," she wrote. "I'm living on the edge and testing the limits of my bank accounts. Little Rock may be my current state but adventure is in my heart...I may not know where my next job will bring me or what/who God will put in my path, but whatever it is....I'm excited!

So, what has that entailed for Rachel since then? Take a look!

Spending Time With Her Dad

"Dad will always be the best date," she wrote in the caption. "And pay for dinner. And then give me [money] just because."

Facetiming With A Dog

No better way to Facetime, am I right? Too cute.

Hanging Out With Friends

From Los Angeles to Atlanta, Rachel has lots of photos on Instagram of her hanging with her close friends in various locations across the country. Nothing like quality time with friends andan awesome vacation.

Seeking Warming Climates In The Winter

Even though it wasn't cold enough to build a snowman, Rachel drew one in the sand for this Instagram photo at Miramar Beach in Florida this past December.

Going To Sporting Events

Rachel has several Instagram photos at college sporting events, as well as pro hockey and baseball games. It's fair to say she likes sports!

Attending Her Friends' Weddings

And, this wedding had a s'mores bar, according to another photo Rachel took.

So awesome.

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Image: Rick Rowell/ABC