When Larry David Hosts 'SNL' In February, It's Almost Certainly Going To Be The Bernie Sanders Show

It would have been enough if Saturday Night Live had just stuck with featuring Larry David as Bernie Sanders in a few sketches, but SNL is not a show that's known to miss an opportunity to go all out. David's impression (or really just, that thing where he talks the way he normally does and still sounds like Sanders) of the Democratic presidential nominee is golden. But the sketch show has just gone platinum by announcing that Larry David will host SNL on Feb. 6 with musical guest, The 1975. No way am I complaining about this ante-upping announcement.

But now that we know David is coming, what wondrous bounty could our friends at Saturday Night Live have in store for us? For starters, David has never hosted on SNL, but he did writer for the show in 1984-1985 and has made several appearances over the years, so he's basically an old pro at the sketch game. We can only assume there are going to be a lot of Bernie jokes, perhaps a 2016 Democratic Convention cold open, and maybe — just maybe — a Bernie music video? Please?

If we're lucky, we might even get a real live Sanders a la that time Sarah Palin showed up on Weekend Update alongside Tina Fey as Palin. Please, Bernie? Please?


But aside from Sanders — which I would wager is a huge reason for bringing David on — I'm hoping the writers lean into a little TV history. A little Seinfeld or maybe some sort of reference to Curb Your Enthusiasm, David's HBO show where he plays a version of himself, would make my heart explode with joy. At the very least, there's bound to be some sort of grouchy old man theme going on, which is David's bread and butter.

OK, SNL, my expectations are set. It's up to you to reach them.


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