Single Friends Get Pretend Married For A Week

Being the only single one among any friend group can be both hard on the heart and a mega relief. Which is exactly why BuzzFeed pulled together their favorite test-it friends and filmed a new video about what happens when single people get married for a week. Now obviously, they're not really getting married because like, that's really irresponsible and unrealistic even for two Internet journalists — but they did get "married," which means that they lived together, spent all of their free time together, and were forced to do a certain amount of nice things for each other.

Considering the fact that these two are already co-workers and friends, it wasn't totally outrageous — they already have a established vibe and friendship so they didn't have to spend too much of their time learning horrendously surprising things about each other. The struggle for these two single people was not marriage, per se, but rather the fact that they were happily single AF. They were so used to spending time with themselves and being independent, the biggest adjustment was figuring out how to factor in another person into their plans and decisions. But the more fun they had together, the less of a chore it became to include each other — despite how confusing the concept was for either of them.

After watching this video, as a person who is equally single AF, I could feel their confusion. In many ways, having a full-time partner seems like a blast. A built-in side kick and a forever plus one has a nice ring to it. But always having to share a bed with someone and rarely getting alone time sounds like a nightmare. Perhaps with the right person you can achieve the best of both worlds?

Here are some of my favorite moments in the experimental "marriage":

So Far, Romance-less AF

Immediately, they rejected the gender roles that are stereotypically assigned to married couples. Zach wanted to be carried into the apartment and Zach was the one who over-packed.

Different Tastes

Ashly's music collection consists of one T. Swift CD from over a year ago and Zach is forced to endure it, because #marriage.

Sort Of Like Friends?

For these two, friendship was already on the table. So transitioning from buds to married folk is reminiscent of friendship, but a kind of friendship that doesn't end and you can't escape!

Couples Night

For whatever reason, once Zach and Ashly brought their "marriage" into the home of some married friends, it became a lot more fun, a lot less scary and a lot easier to see why it's nice to have a forever teammate.

In conclusion: Marriage is not so scary, and doesn't seem like such a bad idea ... as long as you really like the person you're married to and it's not a forced experiment between work-friends who are not in love!

Watch the full video here:

Images: YouTube