8 Reasons To Go On A First Date On V-Day

by Lily Feinn
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Most of my Valentine’s Days have been a wash. They have not been filled with flowers and chocolates. They have not been spent seated at a romantic dinner. And if I indeed shared a candle-lit kiss with a handsome man, I can’t remember his name. In fact, I honestly can’t remember how I spent most of my Valentine’s Days. For all the stress it caused, in the long run, whether I had a hot date or spent the night eating a bag of chips by myself in filthy sweatpants was unimportant.

Valentine’s Day is the one holiday that isn’t so much “celebrated” as it is met with dread. The fear of being alone is so great that it has bred an outcropping of alternative “holidays” on February 14 — "International Quirkyalone Day" (yuck), "Singles Awareness Day," and even "Friendship Day" in Finland. But I’m sure poor old Saint Valentine never meant to make you feel sh*tty about being single. He was too busy being executed for performing illegal marriages. He would want a day in his honor to bring people together — 'cause he cool like that.

The best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to ease the pressure of the situation. If you let the day control you and your actions, then you are just imbuing it with more power. If you are single, you don’t have to hide at home, or go out with other single girlfriends in an awful arrangement known as “Galentine’s Day” and you certainly don’t have to go to any "Lonely Hearts" parties. Since the candy and card companies are telling you that February 14 is all about the romance, it makes things seem more serious than they are. But it’s actually the perfect day for a first date! That’s right, first dates are already awkward, so lean into it and who knows what will happen. If you’re “kinda” seeing someone, but it’s “casual,” you should go on a date with them too! Do it! Don't believe me? Think that's relationship murder? Here are some very good reasons why you should set up that date.

1. Because It Is Hilarious

Valentine's Day is the absolute best day for people watching. Go out with your date and observe what couples are having good nights, and even better, what couples are going down in flames. The sheer amount of bad PDA is sure to make this evening a memorable one. There will certainly be enough ridiculousness around for the two of you to bond over and laugh at. The bad gifts are sure to make excellent convo fodder — who even gives heart-covered teddy bears to adult women anymore? While you take in the scenery, you can compare and contrast what you find romantic and what you find lame. You might learn something useful for dates going forward.

2. Because Why Let A Fake-y Holiday Dictate Your Schedule?

You want to go out with this person — go out with them! Who cares what day it is? Our schedules are packed with work and social obligations which makes finding time to go on a date difficult. Seize the bull by the horns, and take that bull out to drinks. Quaking in fear over Valentine's Day is silly. It will only put undo pressure on you to be romantic if you allow that to happen. So schedule that date!

3. Because It's Unexpected

There is a lot of Valentine's hate going around, but it's undeserved. V-Day is a great opportunity to do something out of the box. For your date, try switching it up and do something decidedly unromantic. Last year, I took myself on one of those historical ghost tours. No surprise, it was super fun. People try so hard to be "cool" and "exciting" and "down for anything" but it's as simple as taking a chance. Let the serious couples make fancy dinner reservations — take your date to a burlesque show, or some bad karaoke. Why not?

4. Because it Might Actually Inspire Romance

With all that romance floating around, you guys might catch feelings. Allow Valentine's Day to set the mood, and you'll be sucking face with your date in no time. A couple of martinis and you'll beat those monogamous couples at their own game!

5. It'll Be Easy To Remember Your Anniversary

If this date turns into something more serious, having Valentine's Day as your couple's anniversary is pretty baller. You can even kill two birds with one stone by celebrating both events at once. It's always nice to save money on gifts, and time on planning.

6. Because It Gets You Out Of Other Horrible Plans

Don't want to sit home with a pint of mint-chip and a bad movie? Not interested in going out for drinks with friends and listen to them bemoan their Singledom? Setting up a date is the best excuse in the world! Warning— it might make your peeps a little jealous.

7. Because It Shows That You Are Both Chill

Not only will going out on Valentine's Day immediately give you something to talk about and bond over, but it proves that you're chill. No, not that kind of ~chill~. It shows that you're comfortable enough to look this red and pink holiday in the face and say "You don't scare me." Which is pretty darn cool.

8. Because It Might Be Fun

Don't hate— celebrate!

Happy V-day to one and all.

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