Justin Beiber's Grammy Performance Should Wow Fans

by Emily Lackey

As the world gears up for the 2016 Grammys, airing Feb. 15 on CBS, the most important questions on my mind are what everyone will be wearing and what the performers will be singing. So when it was announced on Monday that Justin Bieber will perform at the 2016 Grammys, I immediately started scrolling through previous performances and set lists to figure out exactly what he would sing. I think it’s pretty obvious that the song will be one from his latest album, Purpose, but just which song it will be is anyone’s guess. But thankfully for anyone who isn't content to just wait for Feb. 15 to roll around, I’m one of the world’s top Bieber stalkers, and have a few ideas about what song Justin Bieber will perform at the Grammys.

Taking a hard look at the songs from his latest album, which tracks are the most popular, which are the most crowd-pleasing, and which he’s already performed at other award shows, there are only a few tracks left that I think Bieber is likely to perform at the Grammys. It’s not an exact science by any means, but I’m putting my money on Bieber performing one (if not all!) of these five hit singles from his latest album.

5. “Where Are Ü Now”

Sure, this song is totally my favorite (and the one I can’t stop listening to during all of my late night dance parties), but Bieber has already performed it a number of times, including at the 2015 Video Music Awards and American Music Awards, and he'll probably want to show fans something new this year.

4. “What Do You Mean?”

Another popular one on iTunes, this is a crowd-pleaser. But Bieber also already performed this one to a standing ovation at both the VMAs and AMAs, so I’m not crossing my fingers that it will happen again.

3. “Sorry”

The second most popular song from his latest album, it could totally take the stage when Bieber performs at the Grammys. But considering that he recently performed it at the AMAs, we might only get a taste of this amazing song, with another track taking the focus of his latest performance.

2. “I’ll Show You”

The fourth most popular song on iTunes off of his latest album Purpose, this song could be in the running. Bieber has yet to perform it at an awards show, so don’t count this one out.

1. “Love Yourself”

Currently the most popular song on his album on iTunes, “Love Yourself” has also never been performed at an awards show as of yet. Plenty of concert performances (and one on The Ellen DeGeneres Show), but nothing nearly as huge as the Grammys.

I’m putting my money on “Love Yourself” being the main song Bieber sings at the 2016 Grammys, but, let’s be real: I’d be happy with him performing the ABC’s on stage for four minutes at this rate. I just can’t wait to see him take the stage on Feb. 15.