What Is Justin Bieber's 'Purpose: The Movement'?

by Maura O'Malley

Canada's greatest gift to mankind since maple syrup, Justin Bieber, released his latest album Purpose on Friday. This blonder, more electric dance music-inspired Justin has been absolutely killing it recently: From his comeback kid performance at the 2015 MTV VMAs to his collaborations with Jack Ü (the collaborative project of Diplo and Skrillex), Bieber has re-established himself in his rightful place among the musical elite. So, what does a pop-star at the top of his game do next to keep his fan and critics on their toes? Well, if you are Justin Bieber, you release Purpose: The Movement. And, if you're thinking what is Purpose: The Movement ? Do not worry, you are not alone is this confusion.

Purpose: The Movment seems to be Justin Bieber's latest creation to break the Internet and send Beliebers' hearts a fluttering. No, really, check Twitter right now — there a some major fangirl tears and freak outs happening all over the Internet. All of the hoopla is occurring because Bieber has begun dropping new music videos under the mysterious name Purpose: The Movement on his JustinBieberVEVO account every hour, on the hour. There are literally 16-year-old girls across the country hyperventilating and hitting the refresh button on their Internet explorer page by the hour right now because Bieber fever is a real thing.

But what is this Purpose: The Movement? Why is this happening? Will I get to see Justin Bieber's abs if I watch all of these videos? Well thankfully, I am a Bieber aficionado and I have all of these answers and more:

What Is Purpose: The Movement?

Purpose: The Movement are a series video vignettes to accompany the songs from the album Purpose, and they hit the web with no warning, a la Beyoncé's Beyoncé album. When the videos are played in sequence they form a 30-minute dance film.

Who Is Involved?

Bieber's longtime choreographer Parris Goebel oversaw the project and choreographed the different dance sequences featured in the videos. In addition to the dozens of amazing dancers, collaborators Big Sean, Halsey and Travi$ Scott also make appearances in the short film.

Where Can I Watch This?

Lucky Beliebers saw the film in its entirety at Bieber's sold out Staples Center show Friday night. The rest of us had to wait till Saturday to watch the film unfold on YouTube. So, grab your phone, laptop or tablet device and head to YouTube — you are in for a real treat.


This second! The videos have gone live and are ready for your viewing pleasure.


Because Bieber can — that's why. Sorry, he's definitely not sorry.

And Do You Get To See Bieber's Abs?

Of course! Bieber knows what the people what they want.

While I can't say for certain the meaning behind this short film, I can say it's pretty awesome. So, check out the first video from Bieber's Purpose: The Movement below.

Images: JustinBieberVEVO/YouTube (6)