This Bernie Sanders Ice Cream Is The Minty Embodiment Of The Candidate's Main Values

It's not every day a presidential hopeful gets an ice cream endorsement. Ben & Jerry's co-founder Ben Cohen has fully thrown his support behind the Vermont senator who has served him for three decades. Cohen's support comes complete with its own highly limited edition small batch ice cream flavor, Bernie's Yearning. Can you get this Bernie Sanders ice cream? Voters with a sweet tooth may get their opportunity just yet. Cohen had thrown around the idea of a Sanders ice cream for quite some time, and the media attention it had previously received was enough to inspire him to personally make 40 pints of the tasty treat.

As with Cohen's many inspired creations, the Bernie Sanders ice cream flavor has a whole lot of meaning behind it. Mint ice cream representing the 99 percent — we are fresh, after all — is topped with a thick chocolate disc representing "huge majority of economic gains that have gone to the top one percent since the end of the recession." The sheer act of eating the ice cream serves as an abstraction of Sanders' Democratic socialist views. To enjoy Bernie's Yearning, one need only crack that chocolate disc and stir it up in the ice cream. "Let the ice cream soften a bit, mix the pieces around and there you have it — Bernie's Yearning," Cohen's description reads.

Cohen stressed that this is his own personal project and has donated his own time to the cause. He's donated 25 of the pints to the Sanders campaign, all of which are numbered and signed and are up for grabs. Those interested can enter to win a pint of Bernie's Yearning as well as further support the Democratic presidential candidate. After filling out basic information to enter, ice cream fans are then directed to ActBlue to pledge their support to Sanders in the form of a donation. Donating is not a requirement nor does it give you a better chance of nabbing Bernie's Yearning.

So, what does the candidate think of being bestowed an ice cream flavor? Sanders has been relatively quiet about the honor, though his official Twitter account did give Cohen a retweet when the ice cream magnate revealed Bernie's Yearning. The contest officially began on Monday, Jan. 25 and runs until Feb. 3 — just in time for Sanders to potentially nab the most votes at the Iowa Caucus while you yourself celebrate with a winning pint of Bernie's Yearning.