How Did Whitney Bischoff Meet Her New Boyfriend? The Situation Makes A Lot Of Sense For Her

Chris who? It's pretty clear that Bachelor winner Whitney Bischoff has moved on from Chris Soules. It has recently been revealed that Whitney is dating a man named Ricky Angel. And that is pretty much all we know. Even though the reality star has moved away from Bachelor Nation to find love, that doesn't mean that fans are any less invested. We know very well how Whitney met Chris (on national television), but how did Whitney meet her new boyfriend? While it's unclear exactly where they met, it would make sense to say that they met in Chicago since that is where they both live and work.

There wasn't a lot of information released when Whitney and Chris split up. In fact, the Bachelor alums did everything they could to maintain that the split was amicable and that everything was cool between them. Nevertheless, the writing was on the wall when Whitney stopped showing up to sit in the audience while Chris Soules was on Dancing With the Stars. I'm sure it was difficult for her to go in the first place since she is fertility nurse in Chicago and the show tapes in Los Angeles, so it would be logical to infer that distance played a part in the demise of their relationship.

Whitney has always been very devoted to her career and Chris was famously attached to his farm in Arlington, Iowa, so were they ever going to work? Probably not. So it makes sense for Whitney to date Ricky Angel, a regional sales representative, who also lives in Chicago. She gets to be in a relationship and still maintain her dedication to her job. This seems like way a more manageable situation than dating a reality star who wants to help with the family farm, am I right?

It's hard to know how specifically they met, but it does make sense to think that Whitney has decided to have more locally based relationships after her public break up with Chris. If she and Ricky move forward in their relationship, then hopefully the fans will be able to find out more about the two of them together and how they met.

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