Jared Leto In A Onesie Is A Sight To Behold

By now, we're all pretty used to a certain Academy Award winner's zany style moments — but this one might just take the cake: Jared Leto just wore a rainbow tie-dye onesie. I mean, the guy was once named "The Worst Dressed Man in the World" (thanks, GQ), but this is a stand-out, even for him. Forget the platinum blond coiffure from Paris Fashion Week, and the powder blue suit he wore to last year's Academy Awards, the dude just wore a rainbow onesie in the desert and posted about it on Instagram — this is truly a style moment for the ages.

Of course, it pretty much goes without saying that it's a trend we're all going to want to get in on — after all, does it honestly get any better than rainbow tie-dye onesies? I think not. I mean, it's really got everything — it's got comfort. It's got panache. It's got a blinding color palette — what more could you ask from a single article of clothing? I think Leto's got fashion figured out, and we should all take a leaf out of his book and IDGAF our way to rainbow onesie awesomeness.

Interested in copying his style? Here are a few places you can snag the coveted rainbow onesie look.

Adult Tie Dye All-in-One Loungewear

Adult Tie Dye All-in-One Loungewear, $61.99,

You can even customize this one with embroidery, if you so choose.

Rainbow Portal Tie Dye Union Suit Onesie

Rainbow Portal Tie Dye Union Suit Onesie, $49.75,

This one even comes with a — wait for it — butt flap. Plus, the colors are extra vibrant, since it's hand-dyed.

Reactive Rainbow Tie Dye Adult Onesies Hoodie

Reactive Rainbow Tie Dye Adult Onesies Hoodie, $51,

It looks so comfy, no? And it's so bright, it makes your eyes hurt a little bit!

What do you think? Will you be taking a rainbow onesie out for a spin? Also, take a second to imagine just how awesome it would be if Leto presented at the Oscars in this ensemble.

Images: Courtesy Brands