Proof We Already Know Charlotte's Killer On 'Pretty Little Liars' & Should Be Suspicious Of Rosewood Residents

Pretty Little Liars wouldn't exist without a good murder mystery, and the one introduced in the premiere of Season 6B may be its juiciest yet. After a five-year time jump following the reveal that Charlotte DiLaurentis is Big A, the unthinkable happened: Charlotte was found murdered in the Season 6B premiere. (Well, OK — it might only be the unthinkable if this was any other show other, but it still was jaw-dropping.) Naturally, Emily, Hanna, Aria, and Spencer are all suspects in the murder investigation, and Charlotte's death has officially cracked open yet another absolutely crazy mystery. Who could have wanted Ali's sister dead? Right now it looks like we already know Charlotte's murderer, and there are plenty of signs that point to a shocking conclusion to this mystery.

We're only two episodes into Season 6B, and already PLL is waving huge red flags in front of a few characters. Ezra is currently suspect number one (he was acting super shady after he put Aria in that taxi cab), but even Aria's behavior raised suspicions about her whereabouts the night that Charlotte was killed. It all points to one thing: whoever this killer is, there's a good chance we already know who they are.

Here's why we're likely looking for a killer we know all too well this time around.

Uber A & The Killer Might Be Different People Entirely

Pretty Little Liars boss I. Marlene King has already given MTV News a motive for so-called Uber A's upcoming torture, and it sounds like it has to do with Charlotte's death.

This Big Bad has an agenda, and it’s to find out why this person passes away — and to seek revenge on the person responsible...And it will not stop until that person pays, and [the Big Bad] will kill people to get that answer.

It would be pretty hard to seek revenge on a person whom fans didn't know, and while the Liars may not have killed Charlotte, King's statement hints that the new Big Bad will stop at nothing to find out who did. If this new villain/Uber A/B/whatever we're calling them is going after the Liars and other main characters, it would suggest that they are at least connected to the killer.

There Are So Many Suspects Already

Pretty much everyone is back in Rosewood after the time jump — heck, even Lorenzo made the cut as the detective investigating Charlotte's murder — and just as many seem to have hostility for Charlotte. It just wouldn't make sense for the show to throw a murder suspect at us who is a total rando when we have so many people to suspect as is. For theories on who that killer could be, check out Bustle's PLL podcast, Taking This One To The Grave.

Charlotte Spent Most Of Her Life In Rosewood

Charlotte did leave Rosewood for a short time when she was given Ali's fake passport, but for most of her life, she has been a resident of Rosewood. She spent the majority of her life in Radley, and then spent the next five years in a different mental institution close enough to her hometown for Ali to visit. That limits the people she has interacted with over the years to Rosewood residents — or visitors. Unless Charlotte was killed by someone she hung out with in Paris, it's more than likely that her killer is also a Pennsylvania native — which means we likely know who they are already.

Everything Leads Back To Rosewood

Ali disappeared for years and traveled all over the country when she was thought to be dead, but the true mystery didn't start until the girls came back to Rosewood. A, in all of her forms, has always stayed close to the Liars' home, and the town is just as much a part of Pretty Little Liars' DNA as the Liars themselves. For the killer to be someone who came to Rosewood specifically to kill Charlotte at the bell tower seems unlikely: the person had to kill Charlotte in Rosewood because it was their hometown, too. If that's the case, it seems likely that the Liars (and viewers) would already know this person.

While it's unlikely that Charlotte's killer is totally random, we still have a suspect list of people a mile long. Only time will tell who we can cross off that list — and who will be revealed as Charlotte's killer.

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