Did Jason Kill Charlotte On 'Pretty Little Liars'? His Season 6B Absence Raises Red Flags

After weeks and weeks of speculating who the Liars could be carrying in that casket, Pretty Little Liars finally gave us an answer: it was Charlotte. That's right, my friends — Charlotte DiLaurentis died in the Pretty Little Liars Season 6B premiere. And while at first the police were naive enough to rule the death as a suicide, I think we all knew better. Someone killed Charlotte, but who? Obviously, the series is not going to make this an easy case for us to solve, which means we're going to have start piecing the clues together ourselves, as the hosts of Bustle's PLL podcast, Taking This One To The Grave, have started to do. Some fans believe Aria did it, while others think Ezra may be responsible. But I'm starting to think that Charlotte's killer is actually Jason, who was conveniently MIA throughout the entire episode.

Next week's promo has us believing that Aria and Ezra are both somehow involved, but that feels a little too easy so early in the game. Yes, it's true neither one looks exactly innocent, given that Aria was seen exiting the hotel via security footage and Ezra was spotted following Charlotte into the church. However, let me remind you of how many red herrings PLL has thrown at us in the past. This could all be just a distraction to keep us from suspecting the real killer. Check out what Taking This One To The Grave has to say about the top suspects.

So what makes me think it's Jason, you may ask? Well, aside from his complete absence from the episode (which therefore gives him no alibi), I found it interesting how unsupportive he seems to have been throughout Charlotte's entire court process. Shortly after their little reunion, Spencer asked Ali why Jason wasn't there to help plead Charlotte's case with her. And while Ali didn't go into much detail about the matter, she did remark on how Jason doesn't share her and Dr. Rollins' views about what their sister deserves. He clearly hasn't forgiven Charlotte for all of her A crimes. (Like the fact that they dated when she knew they were siblings?) Perhaps upon hearing the news of her release, he decided to take justice into his own hands.

Something tells me we may have to wait all season before getting to the bottom of this mystery. But if I had to stake a claim right now, I'd say Jason is the one to watch. And hey, if he just so happens to be shirtless while we're watching him, then who am I to say no? For more PLL theories, check out the rest of Bustle's podcasts below.

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