Lauren B. Is So Chill On 'The Bachelor'

Reality television is always full of drama, and The Bachelor is no exception. This is the 20th season of the show, and IMO it’s also among the meanest I've ever seen. The women are just absolutely lethal to each other — it’s four weeks in and they’re fighting, spreading rumors, and outgunning each other to get as much time with Ben as possible. But, there is one shining beacon of hope in this season of The Bachelor — Lauren Bushnell, aka Lauren B.

She had her first one-on-one date with Ben in the third week — the couple flew in a biplane, sat in a hot tub, and talked and talked. You know, normal Bachelor stuff. But, allow me to say that their date seemed different — Ben and Lauren definitely connect in a way that he does not with a lot of the other women. A week passed, Ben went on a few dates with some other women, and Lauren is not trying to set the place on fire! It’s amazing how different she is than some of the more dramatic women in on the show. Lauren and Ben have pleasant conversations, and then Lauren doesn’t seem to stress about getting a rose. She really is taking this all in stride.

She’s smart, she’s beautiful, and she definitely has a great head on her shoulders. Ben and Lauren just click with one another. I think she’s definitely a calming influence in the house, and if there was ever a season that needed some dialing back, it’s this one. Lauren is definitely one of the ones to watch on Ben’s Bachelor season, and she won’t be causing much drama (if any) while we do it.

Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC