Lauren B. & Ben Are A Perfect Match On 'Bachelor'

She's clearly made an impression on Ben if he's already giving her cute gifts during cocktail hours, but as far as viewers are concerned, The Bachelor hasn't shown Lauren B. much. Lauren Bushnell, one of the 600 Laurens on the show this season, received one of the first "gifts" of the season at Week 2's cocktail hour when Ben gave her a printed out photo of the two of them at Week 1. It was sweet — albeit a little strange, what is she supposed to do with that? Put it in her wallet? — and immediately made me think there must be something Ben sees in Lauren B. that warrants a gift. As it turns out, Lauren B. and Ben might be a match made in Bachelor heaven.

We learned a little about Lauren B. in a video package on the season premiere. We know that she loves the beach and is a flight attendant. She also says she's really single, which is definitely a good thing going into The Bachelor. But I wanted to know more about the first girl to exit the limo! So, after a little investigating on social media, I realized that Ben and Lauren B. — according to Instagram — would make a great couple. She seems to share a lot of the same passions as our Bachelor-in-Charge, which could bode well for their future relationship.

So, what do we need to know about the girl that gave Ben wings on night one?

She Is Close With Her Family

Ben, an only child, is very close with his family. He proved that in the premiere of the episode where he shared his small-town values with the viewers. After looking through Lauren's Instagram account, it is very obvious that she, too, is very close with her family.

She Loves To Travel

One of the things Ben loves is traveling (just take a look at his Instagram game). Well, if Ben and Lauren B. end up together, he might find himself earning free airfare for life, because Lauren B. is a flight attendant, meaning she also loves to travel.

She Loves Kids

Ben often posts photos of him with his cute babies, and guess what — so does Lauren!

She Goes To Basketball Games

We know that Ben loves basketball, so maybe they can go to basketball games together for date night!

OK, while all of this isn't a tell-tale sign that they are going to end up together, it's definitely a good place to start in the relationship!

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Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC