Mateo's Sleep Struggles Take Center Stage On 'JTV'

We live in a world where information is easy to access. In fact, there's so much information out there, thanks to Google, YouTube tutorials, and Web M.D., that it can sometimes be difficult to filter out helpful facts from all the not-so-helpful opinions. Sometimes what you need to do is resort to good old fashioned tactics, which is exactly the kind of parenting lesson this week's episode of Jane the Virgin tried to get across. After being woken up eight to ten times a night due to his sleep regression, Jane decided to start sleep training Mateo despite Abla's suggestion that she just leave Mateo alone and let him cry himself to sleep. After all, it worked for her back in the day since coddling only helps to increase the behavior.

However, after reading a book A Gentle Goodnight, Jane was confident that there's a better way to go about fixing his sleeping habits, so she attempted all of the book's suggestions but to no avail. (Not even the kissing-rocking combo could keep this baby down for long.) Even when Alba finally convinced her to not go barging in on his every whim, Jane simply couldn't bare to see him suffer in any way. (It didn't help matters that he banged his head the first time she attempted this.) But the second time proved to be the charm. Jane took Alba's advice and stayed strong throughout his crying session. And in the end, he went to sleep on on his own.

Now, I'm not saying that parenting books can't be helpful because they definitely can. I'm simply pointing out that sometimes the modern way of doing things isn't always the best way of doing things. Sometimes old school tactics prevail even in the face of all this constant knowledge at our fingertips. And when push comes to shove, more often than not, Alba knows best.

Image: Eddy Chen/The CW