Coco Rocha's Clothing Line Is Coming Soon

Model and mom are already roles on Coco Rocha's resume. Now, she can add "designer" to her already impressive and varied dossier. Co+Co by Coco Rocha is her brand new clothing line that will mesh athleisure with streetwear and was inspired by her husband's paintings, according to Women's Wear Daily. Given the adorable style that Rocha has cultivated for her daughter Ioni, who always wore the cutest headbands, you already know you can expect lots of quality pieces you will want to wear. When will Co+Co be available? It's coming very soon.

How soon? Co+Co will be available via Rocha's website and select retailers in March. So that's something to look forward to. However, the model's official site is relaunching tomorrow, Jan. 27, so I recommend bookmarking and checking this web destination often!

Rocha told Fashionista that architecture also inspired the designs and that the Co+Co brand will appeal to "business-smart girls" who "love fashion," adding, "They go on their computers every day to check out every runway show and see what's up next." That sounds like me, my colleagues, and all of my friends!

The clothes are a tad pricy, starting at $80 and going as high as $300. But they are tailored, structured, and also have those paint-like graphics.

There are bright pops of color. These are outfits you could wear to work, for a GNO, or for date night.

The pieces have athletic fabrics but are insanely chic, without being overly dressy. That's a balance that's not so easy to achieve.

Here are some key pieces.

1. Suit Up

The cuts of this vest and pants are structured, yet so fun and young.

2. Bold & Bright

That pattern, though!

3. LBD

This LBD has a '60s mod vibe and I love the clean lines.

4. Power Lunch

This is a power dress for a power lunch.

5. Shirtdress

This cotton shirtdress is the epitome of casual cute but not cutesy.

6. A New Sort Of Crop

Who needs a crop top when you can have cropped pants? Floods can be tricky, but this pleated, bone-hued pair is so stylish. This is quite a brunch ensemb.

7. Geometry

This geometric pattern is so adorbs.

8. Go Pro

Business casual is anything but snoozy, thanks to this two-piece outfit. The wide-legged pants are something else.

That's just sampling of some of the looks that Co+Co will be offering.

Images: Co+Co (9)