Watch 100 Years Of Lip Trends In Just 2 Minutes

A lot can happen in a century, but one thing seems to stay the same — celebrities are always creating new trends. According to Allure, the past 100 years of lip trends were centered around some of the most stylish women of all time. From Gone With The Wind to Keeping Up With The Kardashians, there have been tons of different lip styles over the decades, but it looks like history might be repeating itself.

Lipstick trends have changed many times, from red lips, to high gloss, to heavily lined, but the best looks have always been bold and a little bit risky. Makeup artist Kandee Johnson modeled the most influential lip looks from the past century in a video for Allure, and it was no surprise that many of them were sported by some beauty greats back in the day. We all know that Kylie Jenner made the dark matte lip a staple in 2015, but this isn't the first era to get pumped about a matte finish. The trend goes all the way back to the 1930s.

If it weren't for Marilyn Monroe or the Spice Girls, we might have never have discovered some of the beauty classics that we rely on today. Check out the most popular trends from every century, modeled by Johnson, to see just who popularized your favorite lip look.

1. 1910s

It started with the basics. A soft, pink lip was the staple for this era.

2. 1920s

Does this remind you of anything? The trend is similar to the dark hued lips that are popular today — although I can't imagine applying my lip color with a stencil.

3. 1930s

Bring on the matte! According to Allure, this trend was popularized by Gone With The Wind's Scarlett O'Hara. The look is still hot today.

4. 1940s

With a beauty look completely centered around the lips, the '40s were all about adding a pop of color. Casablanca and other classic films inspired this trend, and some lipstick hues are still named after the movie.

5. 1950s

Believe it or not, the first long-lasting lipstick was created in 1950 by an American chemist, according to Lipstick History. The dark red lip was popularized by Marilyn Monroe and hasn't stopped being a beauty staple since.

6. 1960s

This one was the most surprising to me. Instead of nude, the trend was about a white lip that blended completely into a pale skin tone and stood out on someone with a dark complexion.

7. 1970s

The Disco era was all about a high gloss and a lot of color, according to Allure. The glossy trend is making its comeback, and some companies have named their lip colors after Cher, who made the look so trendy.

8. 1980s

The '80s were all about bold colors and high intensity. Madonna was one of the stars who popularized the electric lip and she's still rocking the look today.

9. 1990s

Dark lip liner was a distinct '90s go-to. We can thank the Spice Girls for making this trend so popular.

10. 2000s

The early '00s were all about the heavy gloss that was super cake-y (and most of the time flavored). Paris Hilton rocked a pink glossy lip like it was her job.

11. 2010s

Dark shades of brown and black are all the rage today. It's crazy to think that our generation will be remembered because of the Kardashians and their penchant for super deep matte lipsticks.

Images: Allure; YouTube (12)