Spice Up Your Life In Modern Spice Girls Fashion

Are you ready to spice up your life and inject some Spice Girls style into your summer wardrobe? I miss the fab five so much and not just because they changed British fashion but also because they were so incredibly fun. IMO, there hasn't been another girl band since to be so popular, so energetic, and so different from anything else of the times. It seems now that girl bands are just churned out of talent shows one after the other, sporting the latest trends but missing a unique identity that sets them apart from the rest.

I used to love playing Spice Girls with my friends and choosing which Spice Girl to be. I always wanted to be Baby Spice and as long as there weren't any other blondes around, I would more often than not get to be her. Their manager was obviously a genius because how else can you target lots of different "types" of young girls while also keeping them firmly in the boxes that society has crafted for them? You create stereotype role models, of course! Which is what the Spice Girls were. It is a shame that you had to choose to be either sweet and cutesy like Baby Spice or fearsome and sassy like Scary Spice. Like the Divergent series, what if you wanted to fit into every category (or faction)? What if you wanted to be sporty, sassy, posh, sweet, and loud? Well unfortunately you had to pick. Plus, what's with the name "Scary Spice?" That's a bit mean and derogatory... but I digress.

Well I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want — apologies I couldn't resist — Spice Girl inspired clothes that can be worn now. Now I'm not talking the revamped '90s trend, I'm talking clothes inspired by the Spice Girls' most iconic garments that would make you fashionable in summer 2015. The best part? You don't have to just pick one!

Scary Spice

The fiercest girl in the group, nay possibly the world, was Scary Spice. She was straight talking and took no nonsense but she knew how to have a good time. Most often seen in slinky catsuits and platform shoes, she was very adventurous when it came to fashion. But, IMO, her most memorable garment would have to be anything leopard print. To me, the catty print was a metaphor for her feline ferociousness and her ability to pull off daring looks.

1950s Style Brown & Red Leopard Tatyana Stretch Wiggle Dress, $76, Unique-Vintage

To channel Scary Spice in 2015, choose a vintage inspired dress such as this Unique Vintage 1950s style wiggle dress in a leopard print. Vintage inspired clothing, especially pieces that take inspiration from the 1950s, is really hot right now. In 2015, certain aspects of fashion are more about class than sass and this stunning dress is super sophisticated. Pair with scarlet red accessories to add a dramatic touch to this vintage style dress. Apply your favorite red lipstick and you're good to go!

Baby Spice

Baby Spice was the sweetheart of the group, but don't let her cutesy looks fool you; she could be a tough cookie when she needed to be. Baby Spice was a fan of pastels; if you could put the term "baby" in front of it (such as "baby blue"), she was bound to be a fan. The garment that epitomizes Baby Spice for me would have to be a baby pink mini dress.

Matelassé Skater Dress, $23, Forever 21

Skater dresses have been in the fashion spotlight for quite some time now. IMO, they are the cutest style dress and whenever I wear one I feel like I'm all nicely covered up so I can skip and frolic to my heart's content yet I'm still baring a playful amount of skin. The usually pleated skirt is youthful and fresh and the super sweet capped sleeves top it off nicely. This style is perfect for Baby Spice. Pick up a skater in a candy colored pink shade such as this Forever21+ frock. Team with holographic fashion accessories to give your look a futuristic twist.

Sporty Spice

Poor Sporty Spice, because of her stereotype she always had to wear '90s sportswear and would rarely be seen in anything else. Sporty Spice couldn't experiment with fashion as much as the others and became the poster girl for all tomboys who cared more about climbing trees than keeping their new shoes mud free. Sporty Spice was like the Buttercup (from The Powerpuff Girls) of the Spice Girls. I always remember her in matching crop tops and tracksuit bottoms.

Onzie Cropped Legging, $74, Urban Outfitters | Onzie Printed Elastic Bra Top, $44, Urban Outfitters

Thankfully, sportswear has become a lot more stylish and sleek than the baggy tracksuit bottoms of the 1990s. I imagine a 2015 Sporty Spice would be a trendy wellness warrior who was into yoga, eating raw, and surfing. She would look way more fashionable than her '90s counterpart.

Posh Spice

Oh Posh Spice. The one so many of us wish we were today: The fashion designer and effortlessly stylish diva who is married to a footballer. It doesn't get any better more glam that. Congratulations Posh Spice, you won at life. She was the princess of the Spice Girls but would sometimes come across a bit ice queen-esque, and not in a Frozen kinda' way. However, she sure knew how to dress, and in my mind's eye I picture her eternally in a classy and sophisticated LBD.

Sammy Criss Cross Cut Out Long Sleeve Playsuit, $26, Boohoo

Forget the LBD, it's now all about the LBP; the Little Black Playsuit! Rompers made a huge comeback in the late noughties and it looks as if they're staying put as a fashion favorite. This playsuit encompasses Posh Spice's style — one that can be classy and sexy all at once. With the cutout midriff and the short shorts of the romper, the wearer is only allowing her audience select sneak peeks of her skin and has shunned more stereotypically sexy areas (such as cleavage) for other more unusual but nonetheless sensual areas instead.

Ginger Spice

Ginger Spice... Why was she named after the color of her hair rather than a personality attribute? Your hair color does not define who you are, girl! Anyway, Ginger Spice was the leader of the group and she was loud and proud. Her dress sense was mental in a truly great, eccentric British way. She dressed like a rebellious mixture of Daphne, Catwoman, and Austin Powers and she looked fabulous. Obviously Ginger Spice's most memorable outfit has to be her union jack dress.

Religion Union Jack Skinny Jeans, $109, ASOS

Turn the fashion volume knob down just a touch in these awesome union jack skinny jeans. Channel Ginger Spice but give her iconic flag print a modern Brit pop inspired lease of life in these rather cool skinnies.

So what are you waiting for? Spice up your life!

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