Where Can You Purchase Coco Rocha's Clothing Line?

Fashion girls and beyond will be super stoked about this news. Model Coco Rocha is launching Co+Co, a brand new clothing line. The expansive collection mixes athleisure and streetwear looks and takes some inspo from her husband James Conran's paintings, according to Women's Wear Daily. That's likely where the Co+Co name comes from — it's a mashup of her first name and his last. So cute, right? Architecture also influences the pieces, which have clean lines. Where will you be able to shop Coco Rocha's Co+Co collection?

Co+Co will be available via Rocha's website, department stores, and select retailers, which have yet to be announced. The lookbook is viewable on her site and displays all the gorgeous, structured pieces, many of which are splashed with bold print or have geometric patterns. You really can wear these offerings to work, while on a date, or out with friends. There is a lot of variety in this collection and there truly is something for everyone and every occasion.

Co+Co won't be shoppable until March. But Rocha's official site,, is relaunching as more of a hub tomorrow, Jan. 27. So you should make a note to bookmark the site, sign up for any updates, and check it often so that you can be ready to make a plan or to point, click, and shop once the line is available.

Co+Co pieces start at $80 and top out at $300, which aren't fast-fashion prices by any means.

That said, when you see the tailoring of the pieces, you'll understand why the price point is a bit higher.

It truly is a mix of things you can wear to the office...

... or while running errands. This looks like a gym-to-street outfit, doesn't it?

You can dress these pieces up or down.

You will brighten up the room with this pretty print.

And that's just a select sample of items in the Co+Co collection.

I am loving what I see with this brand. Rocha said her collection is athleisure x street, telling Women's Wear Daily that it's basically the intersection of sports and street, and she wasn't kidding. She nailed it. Some of the fabrics, like the mesh, are super athletic. But the cuts are edgy and translate to the street. But there are some really cute profesh offerings, too.

Images: Co+Co (7)