Kylie Jenner's Bathroom Selfie Secret Is The One Thing You Need To Up Your IG Game — PHOTO

If you’re into Instagram, then you know bathroom selfies are a big deal. They’re hard to get just right, but somehow this gal always seems to know exactly what she’s doing. The one trick to Kylie Jenner’s perfect bathroom selfies is actually pretty obvious — it's the lighting. And trust me, she’s covered in that department. According to her latest IG post, even her sink has lights inserted along its edge, giving her a fabulous glow with each and every snap, no doubt.

This well-lit sink is the work of bathroom design company TOTO. They’re known for things such as heated toilet seats, sensor faucets and now, sinks that provide just the right amount of light for a flawless photo. Leave it to Jenner to have this level of appliances in her own home, you know? Only the best for her selfies, naturally. How glam!

Since she's just now posting about it, this is likely a new addition to her home, so I’m sure her Instagram feed is about to flood with bathroom pics. I really can’t blame her for it at all, either. If my sink lighting was on-point, I’d probably do the same. See nine times she’s nailed the fine art of the bathroom selfie and be prepared for all of the ones yet to come.

Not a bad way to live, huh?

1. Bathroom Posing

Nothing wrong with a casual four a.m. selfie.

2. Mirror Shot

Reflective surfaces add some interest to bathroom selfies.

3. Matching

When your jacket matches the tiles in the shower = winning.

4. Monochrome

Monochrome is the way to go as far as outfits and bathrooms are concerned.

5. Finished Product

Makeup done. Hair finished. Bathroom selfie time.

6. Luxurious

Her top is amazing, but just look at that bathroom she's in. Gorge!

7. Airport Selfie

Even her travel selfies are on-point. Who knew an airport bathroom selfie could look this good?

8. Morning

Gotta love some artificial lighting in the mornings.

9. Seeing Red

No better way to make that red pop than by standing in a white bathroom.

Now to see about getting that sink lighting for myself...

Image: kyliejenner/Instagram (1)