50 Times Kylie Jenner Took The Same Selfie In 2015, Because She Definitely Had A Go-To Pose — PHOTOS

She may not have stolen her sister’s reign just yet, but this teen is still pretty darn Insta famous. Kylie Jenner took the same selfie in 2015 over and over again, because apparently this was the year of the head tilt. That’s right, folks. So… let’s just say if you weren’t holding your head to the side while snapping your selfie — you were missing out.

From showing off her OOTDs in front of the mirror to just regular old up-close selfies, there are tons of photos where she has her head cocked. I honestly never noticed how many times she did this until I set out looking for similarities in her photos. Because yes, that’s what I spend my time doing. What a time to be alive, you know? Upon investigation, her Instagram feed proves time and time again that a tilted head was so in in the year 2015.

So, hurry up and get those heads turned sideways because you’ve got some pics to take while 2015 still lasts! See 50 times Jenner practiced her go-to pose (hey, if it's not broken, don't fix it!) because I’ve scrolled through all of her Insta snaps so you don’t have to. And trust me, these really are too good to be missed.

1. Group Shot

Even when posing with other people, she's got a slight tilt going on.


She does this a lot in her infamous mirror selfies.

3. Chillin' In Sweats

Just a casual selfie, you know?

4. Pink Lady

Another day, another outfit, another selfie.

5. Behind The Scenes

Photoshoot vibes.

6. Casual

Sweatshirt selfie.

7. Thanksgiving

Bout to tear this dinner up, but first.... let me take a selfie.

8. Yacht Life

Head tiltin' on a boat.

9. Car Selfie


10. Closet Shot

Trying to decide what to wear selfie.

11. Cool Girl

Look at her go with those stunna shades on.

12. Yeezy Season

Yeezy feels.

13. Halloween

She may be in costume, but we still recognize that head tilt.

14. Airport Flow

She even uses her go-to pose in airport bathrooms. Now that's dedication.

15. No Filter

No filter, but still posing, of course.

16. Busy Day

Interviews can't stop her from Instagramming.

17. Suede Hat

Yep, the pose looks great, even with a hat on.

18. Killing It

When your lips match your dress.

19. Waist-Training

This is what she does best.

20. Monochrome

When your outfit's all-one-color, you've got to get it on camera.

21. Sports Bra

Gymwear selfie.

22. Bangs

Showing off those facial features and that new 'do.

23. Late Nights

It's dark, but I still see you posing, girl.

24. Moving Day

That's one stylish moving crew.

25. Athleisure

She's got this whole on-the-go look down.

26. Onesie

Because one-pieces are the best.

27. Stuck In Traffic

Rush hour was made for selfies.

28. Comfy Chic

Straight chilling.

29. Sweats

Her matching sweats game is strong.

30. Glam Shot

Step 1: Fit everyone in. Step 2: Tilt head.

31. All Black Everything

This is one chic mirror selfie.

32. Pink Hair, Don't Care

Everybody turn your heads to the side!

33. Bikini Shot

Bikini selfies are no different from regular selfies, after all.

34. Seeing Stripes

Matching co-ords are the best.

35. Through The Looking Glass

We see you posing!

36. Showing Some Shoulder

Still got that head cocked, but showing a little shoulder this time, too.

37. Morning Selfie

Early morning pose.

38. Nails On-Fleek

Those nails are looking good, girl.

39. Mirror Shot

Can't pass up the chance to take a mirror selfie, you know?

40. Relaxed Feels

Some days you just don't feel like getting dressed.

41. No Makeup

She looks great with a fresh face.

42. Sparkle

A little sparkle goes a long way.

43. Sisters

They're all in on the head-tilt thing.

44. Shoe Shot

When you want your head tilt and your heels in the same shot.

45. Posing With Mom

Gotta get mom into the action.

46. Sunnies

She's rocking some killer shades.

47. Pouty

Why the pout, Kyls?

48. Dressing Room

So many outfits to try on!

49. Front Camera

When you finally switch to using the front camera.

50. Photo Shoot

Her life is one giant photo shoot, duh!

2015 isn't over just yet, so turn that head sideways and let the selfie snapping commence! Thanks for the #selfiegoals, Kyls.

Image: kyliejenner/Instagram (1)