This Hot Vet Wins Instagram

In breaking news, a personal trainer / part-time model / full-time hot veterinarian named Dr. Evan literally won Instagram. What do you get when you mix exotic and baby animals, a hunky man and social media? Well, a lot of likes and a surefire recipe for a viral sensation. Dr. Evan is actually all of those things despite the fact that his description sounds a bit like a line from Zoolander.

Dr. Evan is not new to the spotlight. Just last year People Magazine named him the "Sexiest Beast Charmer" and featured him with a photo spread and bio, highlighting his unusual lifestyle and let't not forget, dreamy face. Dr. Evan spent the beginning of his post-grad career traveling the world and helping out in various exotic animal sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers where he studied various unfamiliar species and practiced small animal medicine. Dr. Evan tells Bustle:

I want people to have the opportunity to see what an exotic/small-animal/wildlife veterinarian does! Many people have taken interest in my profession and my personal work over the years and this is a way for me to educate the public on what I do as well as inform them about interesting animals & cases. I hope my work influences people to have a mutual respect for animals and encourages them to give their personal pets the best care they can. I also hope I can encourage people to be more mindful on broader wildlife/animal conservation topics when applicable to my work.

Now he works as an exotic animal specialist full-time and also an internet celebrity on the side. Dr. Evans posts daily to his Facebook and Instagram accounts, typically using an exotic animal as a prop to compliment his ginormous arms and mega-watt smile. But don't start campaigning for him to be the next Bachelor, he's happily taken. But stalk his Instagram, ladies, stalk away.

And in case I didn't provide you with good enough reason to add Dr. Evan to your daily Insta-stalk list, here are six reasons why Dr. Evans wins:

1. He Cleans Up Nice

While you'll mostly find Dr. Evan in scrubs at the office or in cargo pants in the Congo, he does own some nice threads and isn't half bad to look at.

2. Because, Puppies

There are so many freakin' puppies on his Instagram page, like, holy moly.

3. He's A Health Fanatic

Like I said, Dr. Evan used to work as a personal trainer, so he's still very much into fitness and health. He's happy to encourage his followers to do the same with some good old meal-prep inspo.

4. He Gets Around

Somehow, amidst his busy career he manages to find time to travel the world. Here he is at the Cotton Castles in Turkey, not bad.

5. You'll Get Educated

Dr. Evans shares a lot of information with his followers about exotic animals and internal medicine. You'll see species on his page that you've never seen before, inside and out.

6. Totally Unique Video Content

For obvious reasons, there just aren't many people on the internet who have access to the types of animals and interactions that Dr. Evan has. The videos he posts on his social media are pretty rare and special.

OK, convinced that Dr. Evan is the hottest beast charmer? Thought so. Follow Dr. Evan on Instagram here and check in with him on Facebook for updates.

Images: Courtesy of Dr. Evan