How To Copy Kim Kardashian's S Waves, According To Hairstylist Jen Atkin

If there's one thing that Kim K. has on lock, it's her glam game, especially when it comes to her luxe hair. In a video posted on her website, the secret to Kim Kardashian's S waves was finally revealed for all to see. Well, all who have a $2.99 monthly membership to Kimmie's website, that is.

If you don't have the membership, you're in luck. In a breakdown of the video, "Messy Hair, Pretty Glam," Allure gave everyone an inside look at how superstar hairstylist Jen Atkin created the look, from (still gorgeous) wet hair to the sleek and wavy 'do that Kim wore to the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund show back in October 2015. I'll leave the priming and prepping secrets to Allure, but I've gotta spill Atkin's creative S-wave strategy. I'll definitely be testing it out the next time I break out my flat iron (yep, flat iron. No curling wand necessary.)

Using a Kardashian Beauty straightener (what else?), Atkin bends the flatiron over one section of Kim's hair (like you're going to create a curl) but stops 1/3 of the way down. Then, she unclamps the iron, takes the same section and bends it in the opposite direction, continuing until the end. "Some people make the mistake of just continuing in one swoop, and it doesn't look right," Atkin says in the video. (Atkin gave InStyle a similar tutorial last summer — check out the move in action at the 0:50 mark.)

Kardashian Beauty Hair Straightener, $60, Amazon

Atkin shared a sneak preview of her start-to-finish technique with her go-to products on Insta, if you're looking to recreate the look yourself (without, y'know, subscribing.)

I mean, you can't argue with results. Here's a snapshot from a short behind-the-scenes video of the making of the tutorial...

And the hair doin' work at the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund show.

Kim (and her perfect hair) are no strangers to beauty admiration, though. Here are seven other styles to recreate, with the help of some strand-savvy YouTubers.

Effortless Waves

Back to that Jen Atkin tutorial for InStyle. This is a great how-to for us short-haired ladies.

Jolie Ceramic Hair Straightener, $129, Amazon

Sleek & Straight

A klassic Kim look, this straight style has just the right amount of volume with a modern touch.

Chi Original Pro Hair Straightener, $90, Amazon

Beachy Texture

The straight ends of this ocean-ready look make it especially stylish.

Dutch Braids

Remember that time Kim and North were twinning during the holidays with their cute braided pigtails? Here's how to DIY it.

Luxe Curls

We haven't seen this voluminous look on Kim in a while, but it's certainly full-glam.

Braided Halo

How sweet and sassy was this look? Just like the dutch braids, they were grown-up and youthful at the same time.

Slicked Back

One of my favorite Kim hairstyles to date. I honestly loved the slicked back blonde hair that inspired this ~*perfect*~ meme:

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