Rihanna Releases "Work" & It's Really Good

by Jennifer Still

I don't know about you, but I kind of feel like we've been waiting for Rihanna to release Anti , her long-awaited new album, for about 900 years now. In all reality, it's been about a year or so, but it feels so much longer. Fortunately, after suffering one delay after another, it seems like the album's unveiling may finally be upon us. Why do I say that? Well, on Wednesday morning, Rihanna released her new single "Work", and not only is it really good, but it has to be a sign that Anti's not far behind, right? Thankfully, the "Work" lyrics seem to back that up (and yes, I'm inferring things about Rihanna's career decisions by the lyrics to one of her songs).

Before we go any further, I should mention that Drake features on "Work", and as with any song (especially a Rihanna track), he's a welcome addition. Without him, the track would be missing a certain something, but together, Rihanna and Drake manage to make hit single magic. After all, not only does "Work" reinforce everything we know about Rihanna being an absolute queen in every aspect in her life, it also hints that she's ready to make a major comeback AND gives a subtle nod to Drake's eternal crush on RiRi, which is truly an added bonus. It's also just a damn good song, which is the most important thing.

Let's take a look at the lyrics, shall we?

Join me, I deserved it

No time to have you lurking

If I got right then you might like it

You know I dealt with you the nicest

Don't touch me, I'm the righteous

Nobody text me in a crisis

In other words, Rihanna is busy — she's a queen, after all — and she has no time for your nonsense. She's trying to finish another hit album, after all, so don't distract her from making hits. If you've got problems, you'll have to take them elsewhere, because she's got business to attend to.

I believed all of your dreams are fruition

You took my heart and my keys and my vision

You took my heart off my sleeve a decoration

You mistaken my love I brought you for foundation

Uh oh. This, to me, says that Rihanna was seeing someone who completely messed up her creative flow. Is THIS what has taken so long for Anti to come out? How dare you, mystery guy. Rihanna has bangers to make! How could you do this to her? To all of us?

Work, work, work

Work, work, work

You see me I be

Work, work, work

Work, work, work

Self-explanatory, really. She's got work to do, and every time you see her, that's what she'll be busy doing. For the love of God, please leave her alone to do it, because I need this album to come out sometime in this century.

If I get another chance to

I will never, no never neglect you

I mean, who am I to hold your past against you

I just hope that it gets to you

I hope that you see this through

I hope that you see this true

What can I say?

Please recognize I'm trying baby

I know we were just talking about some dude breaking Rihanna's heart, but now I kind of feel like this is a message to the fans. She's been working on this album and knows we're all desperate for it and she's been working on it, she's trying to make the hits come, and she wants us to keep having faith in her. (We do, RiRi!) She'll never let the Navy down, we just have to be patient.

You need to get done, done, done, done

That'll work, come over

We just need that slow the motion

Don't give that away to no one

Long distance, I need you

OK, so this is where Drake comes in. We know they've been involved both personally and professionally in the past, and something tells me Drake is wishing for a serious reunion and will always be, for the rest of his life. He's like, look, I get that you gotta get this album out, but can't we just get together or something? (No, Drake, she's busy.)

When I see potential, I just gotta see it through

If you had a twin, I would still choose you

I don't wanna rush into it, if it's too soon

But I know you need to get done, done, done, done

Yeah, well, don't we all need her to get this album done? You're not the only person who's been waiting for Anti to come out, dude (though for clearly different reasons).

So look, we don't necessarily know when Anti will drop, but it seems clear that she's "work"-ing on it and we're just going to have to stay patient. It's imminent, I can feel it!

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