How Are The Kardashians Involved With 'Waves'?

Hey, can someone tell Kanye West that there's only so much suspense that one group of people can take, and that we're reaching that quota with his new album? For example, how are the Kardashians involved with Waves ? We're only just getting used to the fact that Kanye changed the name of his upcoming seventh studio album from Swish to Waves just two weeks before its Feb. 11 release, and now you want us to grapple with even more? Captain, she can't take much more of this. There I was last night, scrolling through my Instagram feed, when all of a sudden I came upon a wall of photos from the Kardashian sisters, all the same image, of Khloé, Kim, and Kourtney in the studio. (And yes, I follow all three Kardashian sisters on social media — come at me, bro.)

So what are they doing there? Well, no one's said it straight out yet, so it comes down to me to speculate. Part of me wondered at first if the Kardashians were actually doing some recording, and whether their voices would appear on the finished product, but it seems like if that was the case, it would've happened a while ago. Given, Kanye just now changed the album title, but it still seems like kind of a reach to imagine that he's still putting down tracks. More likely to me is that he had the family into the studio to listen to the completed project, and to take advantage of their business sense to see if anything needed to be moved around. Or, y'know, renamed at the last minute.

Based on the way they're dressed and all the beverages I can see in the foreground, it looks like a casual hang, like Kanye brought in a group of people who aren't involved with the album, to give an outside perspective. If you still had a ton of work to do on the tracks themselves, you wouldn't want your in-laws all around you providing distraction, right? So I'm betting that Kanye has things pretty wrapped up, and he's been inviting the fam in to put their seal of approval on it. Sometimes quite literally, in the case of the tracklist, which both Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian have now apparently signed — with "KYLIE WAS HERE" and "Kim Never left," respectively — along with a bunch of other names I don't totally recognize:

It reminds me of signing someone's yearbook to commemorate that you were there for this moment in time, which makes me think Kanye is doing his final official wrap-up on the album and that the Kardashians were part of the group of people he wanted to hear it before he turned it in. But it's hard to know. The one thing we are sure of is that the sisters definitely did get to listen to the album, as revealed in Khloé's tweet.

So while it doesn't seem that their voices will actually feature on any tracks, I like that Kanye is giving a nod to his wife's family by letting them hear the album before anybody else. And that they like what they're hearing — Feb. 11 can't come quickly enough.