'Full House' Guys Reunite Again

Look, I know there are a lot of reasons to look forward to the Super Bowl and I am not at all discounting or disregarding that. I'm just saying, the Dannon Oikos commercial featuring the Full House guys reunited that will air during the Super Bowl this year is the biggest reason to be excited, because oh my God, it's amazing — especially if you're like me and forgot that Bob Saget could be anything other than a really dirty comedian. First, of course, there was the teaser which featured John Stamos hanging out, watching football, in a super nice kitchen that I wish was mine, eating a Dannon Oikos greek yogurt like one suave mofo. He turns off the TV and comments that it was a good game, before the camera pans over to reveal his surprising roommates: Bob Saget, and Dave Coulier in a onesie. Watch the rest yourself for MAGIC.

In this teaser, things are slightly different — Saget, Coulier, and Stamos are all clearly still living together, but Stamos is trying to get some quality alone time with a sexy lady who is not Aunt Becky (!) and his Dannon Oikos greek yogurt. Just as things are about to get steamy (think of Aunt Becky, Uncle Jesse!), Saget and Coulier barge in and ruin the moment. It's basically like an episode of Full House in 30 seconds.

Look out for the full commercial on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 2. As for this teaser — you can check it out below. Someone give these guys another show, already?