Taylor Swift is Actually Derek Zoolander

So you're recovering from your post Grammys hangover, and all of the events from the night before are slowly resurfacing in your mind: Lorde's epic performance, Jamie Foxx's Beyonce comment, Macklemore's nth award and Taylor Swift's head bangin' performance. But there was something else memorable about the country crooner at last night's show. That's right, that time Taylor Swift thought she won Album of the Year. The award actually went to Daft Punk, who, for this exercise, we'll call Hansel. Because just like Zoolander thought he won VH1's Male Model of the Year award for the 4th year in a row only to loose out to newcomer Hansel, Swift, momentarily, assumed she had won Best Album for Red, because really — that girl doesn't lose. Except this time, she did.

Outside of false victories, the country queen and the fictional male supermodel have more in common than you might expect. Which got us thinking, is Taylor Swift actually Derek Zoolander? Let's take a look at the evidence:

Exhibit 1: Both Taylor Swift and Derek Zoolander only have one "look"

Derek's signature pose goes by a plethora of names: Blue Steel, Magnum, Le Tigre and Ferrari, to name a few.

While Taylor's look is slightly more conventional, it is just as frequently used. And while Zoolander often reserves his glorious expression for the runway, Swift's is reserved for award show ceremonies.

Nailed it.

Exhibit 2: Both Swift and Zoolander have centers for kids who want to learn

Zoolander's, of course, is: The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too.

Taylor's center is a little less of a mouthful, and called The Taylor Swift Education Center.

Exhibit 3: They are both excited about coffee

Zoolander loves a good cup o' Joe. Specifically, orange mocha frappachinos are his jam.

Taylor takes her coffee with an enthusiastic thumps up.

Exhibit 4: They both have well-dressed, attractive friends

Meekus and Brint, while not the brightest, are both very good looking and wear coordinating workout clothes. (And bonus: Meekus was played by Alexander Skarsgard.)

Swift hangs out with Selena Gomez, so there's that.

Exhibit 5: They both make Diet Coke look really sexy

Get it, girl.

Exhibit 6: Both Zoolander and Swift have nemeses with outrageous hair

Zoolander's foe is Mugatu.

Swift's is Harry Styles, One Directioner and owner of eternally nappy hair.

Exhibit 7: They are both excellent dancers

Zoolander does the robot, the shimmy, and is a frequenter of "walk offs".

Swift also has some killer moves:

I rest my case.

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